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Jubilee Celebrations

Children have had an exciting week, this week, as they have been involved in a number of activities linked to the Queen’s Jubilee. Throughout the week, each class has spent some time exploring fundamental British Values and we concluded the week with a special Jubilee Day today. The day started with assemblies in which children shared things they have been learning about. From the children in Reception singing the National Anthem to Year 6 explaining the importance of tolerance towards others, I was unbelievably proud of how children in every class have worked so hard and could talk about their learning with confidence. We definitely have the most amazing children at our school!


Our Jubilee Picnic was a roaring success and it was lovely to have our own ‘street party’ on the school premises. Sue and her team did a tremendous job preparing the Jubilee Picnic Boxes – thank you ladies!

St Patricks St Maries