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Inspector Scott and PC Panda

Today we had two very special people visit the class to talk about Stranger Danger with the children. Lucy Scott's daddy and his very helpful panda, Pippa, showed us some of their police equipment and how to keep safe when approached by a stranger. The children loved looking at the handcuffs and trying on the coats and different types of head gear!

Captains, pilots and planes

This week we were visited in class by Kayden's daddy, Nick, who is a pilot for Jet2 Airways. We all learnt some fascinating facts about planes and even got to listen to the US air traffic control in real time! Everyone had lots of fun and enjoyed dressing up in the high-vis jackets. Kayden's mummy kindly let the girls borrow her cabin crew uniform too. I think we now have some budding pilots in Reception.

Music and Movement

Over the last half term we have been visited each week by a specialist music teacher, Mrs Murphy. We have learnt lots of new songs and actions as well as creating some of our own pieces of music using the instruments.

A Hinduism Celebration

Today the children were visited by Mrs Pritty Mistry who told us all about her religion, Hinduism. We listened to the story of Rama and Sita and even got to dress up in traditional Hindu clothes. Pritty also drew patterns and wrote our names on our hands using henna.

A Visit from Sport Skills Academy

This week we had a very special football training day with the Mr Beckham. We learnt some new football skills and took part in a nutrition workshop where we found out how the food we eat directly affects the human body. All the children excelled and behaved impeccably throughout.

Releasing our butterflies

After watching our caterpillars grow and spin their cocoons, it was time to say goodbye to our beautiful monarch butterflies. We went to our Reflection Garden and had some quiet time thinking about our environment and how to look after it.


ICT in the Classroom

The children love to play with our amazing ICT toys and equipment. The Bee Bots are a big favourite in our class. 


This week the children have been busy planting broad bean seeds and observing their growth. We have even started a bean diary as an independent writing activity to keep track of their progress. We were also excited to see our caterpillars begin to grow and start forming their cocoons!

Our school trip to Imagine That!

The children had an AMAZING time at Underwater Street's Imagine That! The boys loved the construction area and working conveyor belt while the girls dressed up and performed a show on the stage. We had a lot of very tired children on the way home.

Chinese New Year

The children loved celebrating Chinese New Year this week! We went on a dragon parade around the school and had a special Chinese meal of noodles, prawn crackers and spring rolls.

'Noisy Nativity'

The children have worked incredibly hard on this year's Nativity and have done an amazing job at learning their lines and all the songs. We had dancing angels, skipping shepherds and bouncing camels. We are so proud of all the children, they did an amazing job in their first of many performances at St Patrick's.

First Week at School

We've had a fantastic first few days at school. The children have coped brilliantly with the long days and we're so proud of all of them. We have been busy getting to know each other, making new friends and playing with all the new toys in Reception.  We have also begun our first Come and See topic, Myself, by talking about our families and why we are precious.

We have great fun in Reception and there are lots of different activities to help us with our learning. We run our Foundation Stage as a unit so all children have access to all areas of our provision throughout the day. This means that even though we have our own class teacher and key person, all the children have opportunities to work with both teachers and teaching assistants. Our day begins with Early Doors at 8.45am: children are welcome to arrive anytime between 8.45am and 8.55am. Then we are ready to learn our Letters and Sounds. Each day we learn a new letter or sound. After this we have some time to choose our own activities or we work with an adult. At this time we also set up our outdoor area activities so that we can play inside or out, hail, rain or snow! Before playtime we sit down for snack and milk. We have a healthy snack each day except on Friday's when we have a treat.

After playtime we take part in Maths activities, which can involve counting, singing, shape games, ICT, water play, sand play and lots of measuring. We like to learn through fun, practical games and activities. Lunchtime starts at 11.45am. For the Autumn term we go into the hall fifteen minutes before the other children so we can get settled. Most of us have hot dinners and some children bring in a packed lunch.

At 1.15pm we go back into class for the afternoon session. Each day we do different things. Sometimes it's linked to our topic, sometimes it's P.E. or Show and Tell or Personal, Social and Emotional Development (Circle Time Games). We have a piece of fruit each afternoon as part of the free fruit scheme Healthy Schools Government initiative.

Each day we take part in Collective Worship and enjoy learning about Jesus through our Come and See topic. We say prayers in the morning, before and after lunch and before hometime.

Before hometime, we like to finish our day with a story or song and then we are ready to go home at 3.30pm.

Class Teacher - Mrs Palmen
Teaching Assistant - Miss Mullan

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