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Star of the Week



Louise is our 'Star of the Week' for her consistent hard work and excellent behaviour. Louise always tries her best and goes above and beyond what is expected of her. 


Louise has made excellent progress in her Maths lesson, showing how great she is at converting units of measure. Louise has also produced an amazing information text with many fronted adverbials. 


Not only is Louise an excellent little worker, but she is also a fabulous friend. Louise always looks out for others and has a very calm and caring nature. She is exceptionally helpful and is an excellent role model out on the playground.


Well done for always being ready and setting such an excellent example to others. You brighten up our classroom with your lovely smile. We are so lucky to have you in our class. Keep it up, Louise! smiley


20.11.20- Liam


Liam is our 'Star of the Week' for working incredibly hard across all areas of the curriculum. Liam shows heaps of enthusiasm in every lesson and always shares his excellent ideas. 


This week, Liam has been a star in our Maths lessons. He has confidently used the inverse operation when checking his addition and subtraction calculations. In our Art lesson, Liam produced the most amazing mosaic following his design criteria. 


Out on the playground, Liam has been a lovely friend to all. He has made sure that all of his friends have had someone to play with and he has made some excellent choices. 


Well done for being such a star, Liam. You make me proud every week! smiley


13.11.20- Jack


Jack is our 'Star of the Week' for being such an inspirational member of 4G. Jack beams with happiness and brings so much love into the classroom. His infectious giggle always makes us smile! 


This week, Jack has produced outstanding work across all areas of the curriculum. He has displayed fantastic reasoning skills in his Maths lessons and has produced some fabulous poetry work, showing us all how amazing he is using rhyming couplets. He has shown excellent listening skills, setting a great example for his peers. Jack has also been a star on the playground. He has made a conscious effort to make sure everyone has a friend to play with and has even changed his game to make others feel happy. This highlights what a lovely, caring boy he is! 


Well done for being such a star, Jack. You are polite, thoughtful and such a wonderful member of 4G. Your smile brightens up our classroom and I love how you always show an interest in others. Keep being AMAZING and keep being YOU! 



6.11.20- Hayden

Hayden is our 'Star of the Week' for being simply amazing! He has made many teachers and children smile throughout the week and Mrs Garlick couldn't be prouder.


Since joining Year 4, Hayden has shown how mature and sensible he can be. He is affectionate, gentle and full of humor. Hayden likes others to be part of his games and he tries hard to include everyone. He is always one of the first to offer a helping hand and really cares about his friends. Over the past few weeks, Hayden has worked considerably hard with his handwriting and English work. This week, Hayden produced a fantastic acrostic poem about Bonfire night and managed to include, adjectives, nouns, verbs and adverbs! 


Well done for not only having a fantastic week, Hayden, but a fantastic start to Year 4. You have shown how determined you are to achieve and be your best. Your hard work is really paying off. 


Keep up the excellent attitude, you make Mrs Garlick proud every day! smiley


23.10.20- Lucas 


Lucas is our 'Star of the Week' for working so hard across all areas of the curriculum. Lucas is a wonderful member of our class and he has been sharing heaps of kindness. This week, Lucas produced a fantastic description of Mount Vesuvius' eruption. He was really proud of his work and wanted to keep writing. 


Well done, Lucas. Keep up the hard work and keep being you! smiley


16.10.20 – Isabela


Isabela is our ‘Star of the Week’ for being such a brilliant and happy member of 4G. Isabela always brightens up the classroom with her big smile and loving personality. She has worked incredibly hard in our Maths lessons this week showing that she can add and subtract 1,000 from any given number. Isabela is always determined to go above and beyond what is expected of her. She shows resilience and determination throughout all that she does.


Keep up the amazing work, Isabela. I am so proud of everything that you are achieving!


9.10.20- Harry 


Harry is our star this week for being such a fantastic learner in Year 4. Harry is enthusiastic in all areas of the curriculum and always gives 100%. He has produced some fantastic pieces of writing in our English and History lessons and has shown excellent reasoning skills in Maths. Harry has beautiful manners and a heart of gold. He is always looking out for his friends and making good choices.


Well done for being such a star, Harry. I am so proud of how well you have settled into Year 4. You bring heaps of laughter and love into our classroom. Keep it up!



2.10.20- Eva & Aaron


Eva is our star for producing the most amazing diary entry linked to our class text, Escape from Pompeii. Eva's diary was filled with expanded noun phrases, a variety of punctuation, and presented with beautiful joined handwriting. Eva is working really hard in all of her lessons and is a credit to her year group. 


Well done, Eva. We are really proud of how hard you are working! 



Aaron is our star for working incredibly hard and for being such a sensible member of our class this week. He has displayed excellent listening skills and produced some wonderful wonderful work in English and Maths. Aaron always has beautiful manners and is a good friend to all.


Keep up the excellent work, Aaron, You have been setting such a great example for others to follow.



25.9.20- Pippa 


Pippa is our star for showing so much enthusiasm throughout the school day. Pippa is exceptionally well focused in all of our lessons and brings so many creative ideas. She is always trying to go above and beyond her targets and really cares about her work. Pippa enjoys supporting other children in the class and is an inspiration to all. 


We are all so proud of you, Pippa!



19.9.20- Ashling & Zac


Ashling is this week's star for being such a great role model to the other children in school. Ashling has settled down to her tasks quickly and has put 100% into every piece of work. I am so proud of Ashling's presentation, kindness and attitude to school life. 


Keep it up, Ashling! 



Zac is this week's star for being such a fantastic member of Year 4. Zac always works incredibly hard and goes above and beyond what is expected of him. He has adapted quickly to 'home learning' and is producing some amazing pieces of work. I couldn't ask for more!


I am so proud of you, Zac!



11.9.20-Bobby B 


Bobby is this week's star for being such an incredible Year 4. Bobby has set an excellent example for other children in school to follow. He has worked hard, been polite and such a good friend to all.


Well done, Bobby! smiley

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