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We have great fun in Reception and there are lots of different activities to help us with our learning. Our day begins with Early Doors at 8.45am: children are welcome to arrive anytime between 8.45am and 8.55am. Then we are ready to learn our Letters and Sounds. Each day we learn a new letter or sound. After this we have some time to choose our own activities or we work with an adult. At this time we also set up our outdoor area activities so that we can play inside or out, hail, rain or snow! Before playtime we sit down for snack and milk. We have a healthy snack each day except on Friday's when we have a treat.

After playtime we take part in Maths activities, which can involve counting, singing, shape games, ICT, water play, sand play and lots of measuring. We like to learn through fun, practical games and activities. Lunchtime starts at 11.45am. For the Autumn term we go into the hall fifteen minutes before the other children so we can get settled. Most of us have hot dinners and some children bring in a packed lunch.

At 1pm we go back into class for the afternoon session. Each day we do different things. Sometimes it's linked to our Come and See topic, sometimes it's Show and Tell, Music or Personal, Social and Emotional Development (Circle Time Games). We have a piece of fruit each afternoon as part of the free fruit scheme Healthy Schools Government initiative.

Each day we take part in Collective Worship and enjoy learning about Jesus through our Come and See topic. We say prayers in the morning, before and after lunch and before hometime.

Before hometime, we like to finish our day with a story or a song and then we are ready to go home at 3.20pm.

Our class is thoroughly enjoying our new Come and See topic about Growing. We have looked at spring flowers and painted pictures of them, watched frog spawn grow into tiny tadpoles and planted our own climbing pea seeds. We are excited to see them start to grow and to measure who has the tallest plant!

World Book Day! The children brought in their favourite book today as part of our World Book Day celebrations. We listened to some of the stories and all spent time throughout the day looking at our favourite books and talking about why we like them. We learnt a poem about looking after books too!

The children had a wonderful time learning about Shrove Tuesday today. They learnt about Lent and enjoyed eating pancakes made by Mrs White. The children chose which toppings they wanted on their pancakes and some children talked about what they may give up for Lent!

We all had a wonderful time on our school trip to Imagine That! There was so much to see and do! We all had fun finding out what ingredients make bath bombs. We enjoyed making slime and magnets for our fridges. The science shows were lots of fun! Some of us painted a real car and others went digging for fossils in the sand!

We listened to the story of Goldilocks and wrote about it before making our own porridge and looking at how it changes when it is cooked. We talked about how it looks and smells before tasting it.

We are enjoying our week of learning about Diwali. Today we made Diwali light holders. We used play dough and put our tea lights inside them. We had lots of fun singing a Diwali lights song whilst holding them.

Belonging: Welcome. We enjoyed visiting Church to look at the artefacts used in a baptism. We listened to Father John and enjoyed listening to him play his guitar. When we returned to class we acted out our own baptism.

We enjoyed using ICT in our Maths class. We used programmable Bee-Bots and used positional and directional language.

October 2019 - We have been finding sounds in our reading books and ordering numbers to 10. We have practised our cutting skills too!

Autumn Leaves are Falling

The sun has disappeared but we've still been having lots of fun spotting signs of Autumn around school. Last week we practised our cutting skills by making our own Autumn tree collages. It was wonderful speaking to the children during this activity - hearing all of the wonderful information they know about the world around us.


Settling In

We have had a fantastic first couple of weeks settling in to Reception. The children have been making friends and building relationships with each other and their teachers. We have had lots of fun taking part in practical activities including counting games, phonic songs, and outdoor play. We are so proud of the amazing start our children have made at St Patrick's School and we are looking forward to seeing the progress they will make over the coming year.

Long Term Overview 2019-2020

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