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Through the teaching and learning of Music at St Patrick's Primary School we aim to engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music and their talent as musicians, and so increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement, whilst fulfilling the aims and expectations laid out in the National Curriculum.

We offer children throughout the school as many exciting activities as possible to develop their musical skills.

Children in Reception enjoy a range of games and songs closely linked to the different areas of learning within the Foundation Stage Curriculum.
This is continued during the initial transition phase as children settle into Key Stage One at which point musical activities are linked to creative topics.

Children in Key Stage Two experience a wide variety of musical activities. Each year different classes work closely with peripatetic teachers linked to Sefton Music Hub and have the opportunity to learn an instrument. Currently Year 4 are learning to play violins with Mrs Reid and  children in Year 5 are learning to play brass instruments with Mr Fogg. 

As well as learning to play instruments children are also  involved in creative activities such as composing their own music and performing for their peers. These activities may be linked to their class topics or draw from resources such as Music Express or The Sky Music Hub.


" I enjoy performing in small groups or pairs." (Year 4 child)


"I know that I am making good progress in Music because my bow hold has improved." (Year 4 child)


I enjoy Music lessons because my teacher makes it interesting." (Year 3 child) 


" I am proud of my work in Music." (Year 3 child)


" I enjoy watching performances by professional musicians." (Year 5 child) 




Music Curriculum Overview

Y5 Brass Lessons

Year 2 Listening and Responding to Stravinsky's 'The Firebird' by creating their own group composition

Year 5 Curriculum Enrichment Lesson at Stanley High School

Y4 CTK Music Enrichment Lesson

St Patricks St Maries