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Spring 2016




General Information no

In Year 4, children are asked to bring their reading book and diary to school on a daily basis as this will enable me to provide a comment to inform parents when children have taken part in Guided Reading sessions. 

Reading diaries are also to be used by the children to record their independent reading and for parents/carers to provide feedback or make comments on the reading they have done with their child.


English and Maths homework will be set each Friday and should be completed and returned the following Friday.  Any homework set will reinforce learning which has taken place during the week. The children will also have a spelling test each Friday and times tables tests every Monday.

P.E. sessions take place each Tuesday and Friday. This half term, the children will learn new skills through Netball and Dance.  Please ensure a full P.E. kit is brought to school and that items are clearly labelled. We will commence swimming lessons on Wednesday 27th January.


Autumn 1 Creative Topic - The Romans



During the Autumn term, we learned about the Roman Conquest and occupation of Britain.  This was a centre of learning that  enabled the children to study the Roman way of life including homes, cooking, religion, food, entertainment and trade.  There were  opportunities for collaborative work, independent research and drama.  The Creative History Overview below shows how subjects connected through this topic making it exciting and fun.


We visited the Dewa Roman History Museum in October and marched through the streets of Chester as Roman soldiers. Enjoy browsing our photographs below.


Spring Term



We will be learning about the Earth's structure and focusing on volcanoes and earthquakes. This is a Geography based topic and the children will learn to understand how living near to these earth features can affect lives.  Through Dance, we will learn to use movement patterns and motifs to represent ways in which the earth's crust breaks, moves free and reforms. We will explore the dynamic qualities of speed and weight and perform our 'Volcano' dance for our parallel class.


The creative overview below provides further information about the topic and how subjects connect.





Designing and making our Roman Treasure Boxes

Our Roman day in Chester

Drama- Playscripts

Volcanoes and Earthquakes Creative Overview

St Patricks St Maries