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Geography and Computing Club 2023

Weeks Two and Three Photos

Weeks Two and Three - Taking Photos of physical and human features around our school grounds, then editing pictures in Microsoft Word.


Over these two weeks, Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed working in pairs or groups of three to take photos around the Key Stage 2 playground on the iPads.


We then learnt how to change the size of images efficiently, wrap them around text, choose a border, change the colour and style of the border, as well as adding effects like a shadow or even changing the style to black and white/artistic as examples. Here are the documents each group saved, we hope that you enjoy looking through these!

Week One Photos

Week One - Working together to create a map of our school.


Today, we started by talking about maps and looking at a map of the UK. We then zoomed in to our school and discussed how this is an aerial view. Next, we had a little tour around Key Stage 2, to look at the details within rooms and the shapes of the places etc. Finally, we worked in pairs or threes to complete a map of a room within Key Stage 2 of our school before putting them all together to complete one large map.

St Patricks St Maries