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Welcome to our Reception class page!


Hello and welcome to Reception. 

The early years curriculum is based on learning through exploration and play.  We access many different activities in Reception to help us with our learning. 


A typical day in Reception: 

Our school day begins with Early Doors at 8.45am: children are welcome to arrive anytime between 8.45am and 9am. After registration and prayers, we are ready to learn our Letters and Sounds. Each day we learn a new letter or sound with adult-directed activities. After our whole class learning, we have some time to choose our own activities or we work with an adult in small groups or 1-1. Our outdoor area is set up so that children can access activities both inside and out. After break time we all sit down together for snack and milk. We have a healthy snack each day except on Friday's when we have a treat.

After snack we take part in Maths activities, which can involve counting, singing, shape games, ICT, water play, sand play and measuring. We like to learn through fun, practical games and activities. Lunchtime begins at 11.35am. Most of us have hot dinners and some children bring in a packed lunch.

At 12.35pm we go back into class for the afternoon session. Each day we focus on different areas of the early tears curriculum. Our activities can be linked to our Come and See topic, Show and Tell, Music, Knowledge & Understanding of the World or Personal, Social and Emotional Development (Circle Time Games). We have a piece of fruit each afternoon as part of the free fruit scheme Healthy Schools Government initiative.

Each day we take part in Collective Worship and we enjoy learning about Jesus through our Come and See topic. We say prayers each morning, before and after lunch and before hometime.

Before hometime, we like to finish our day with a story or a song and then we are ready to go home at 3.20pm.


General Information



We will have P.E. (fundamental skills) on Thursday mornings. Please send your child to school in their full P.E. kit. The children must also wear a school jumper or cardigan. 



Snack money is £1 per week or £6 per half term. 






The children have settled into school life extremely well. They have been busy making new friends and getting to know the daily school routines.

Let's do some mark making! Mark making is a physical and sensory experience of making marks on paper, the ground, in sand or any surface. You can use many resources or tools to make marks. Mark making is often considered as early writing. It gives the children the confidence to explore marks, as lines, dots, swirls, circles and assign meaning to them. Mark making also gives children the opportunity to develop gross and fine motor skills. We looked at some secret symbols in class and the children chose to copy some of them and write me secret messages!

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