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Happy New Year! We hope you have all enjoyed a lovely Christmas and New Year. 

To start our busy spring term off, the children will be learning about information texts during their English lessons. We will be sorting books according to their genre and identifying key features of a non-fiction text. The children will be writing captions, questions and even having a go at writing their own information pages. Our learning will then move on to Traditional Tales. We will begin with Jack and the Beanstalk before exploring other well-known tales. The children will be working on their writing skills such as capital letters, punctuation and the use of adjectives. They will also be sequencing, retelling and writing their own stories. 


Our Creative topic will be Castles. This will have a History focus for the first half term and the children will learn about the different features of castles and the roles of those who lived and worked in castles. We will also be designing and making our own moving cannons in our Design and Technology lessons.




Medical Conditions

If your child has a medical condition that staff need to know about, please inform school as soon as possible. If your child requires an inhaler, or any other medicine, please make sure it has been returned to school, and is not out of date.



Every Monday, your child will bring one reading book home. This book will be wiped down before being put into your child's book bag. This reading book must be kept at home and returned back to school on Thursday. This gives some time for your child to read with you and ideally finish their book. Returned books will go into quarantine for 72 hours to ensure they are safe to be placed back into our school library on the following Monday. We will not be changing books on any other days during the week so your child will only need to bring their book bag to school on Mondays and Thursdays. Your child will also bring a Reading Record book home. This may be returned to school on Mondays and Thursdays to communicate about your child's reading at home. In the current situation, this Reading Record is only for use at home. Your child will continue to read from separate reading books whilst in school.


Jumpers, Cardigans and Water Bottles

Please remember to clearly label all jumpers and cardigans so we can return them to the correct owner at the end of each school day. Please ensure your child brings a water bottle to school each day. Your child's bottle should contain only water.



Thank you so much for the prompt slip returns and payments.  It is very much appreciated. Children receive a fruit snack in the morning break and in the afternoon, we provide a variety of healthy snacks throughout the week and a treat on Friday.


If you have chosen not to participate in the snack scheme and wish to provide a snack instead please ensure that it is a healthy food choice such as fruit or a cereal bar.  



Homework will be set online every Monday from 4.30pm. The children will have a week to complete their set task. Your child's login details can be found inside their Reading Record book. Please keep a note of these at home. 


This half term, P.E. sessions will take place each Tuesday.  Children are asked to come into school wearing their P.E. clothes with a school jumper or cardigan and appropriate footwear.


Many thanks for all your support


Mrs Williams

Come and See

Our current Come and See topic is Waiting. To begin the topic, the children identified events that they are waiting for. Our learning then moved on to Advent and the symbol of the Advent wreath. The children learnt about the different coloured candles which each represents one week of waiting for the birthday of Jesus. In class, we wrote an Advent prayer to help us as we wait. 




In class, the children are now working on numbers up to 20. They have been busy recognising and representing numbers in different ways. To begin the week, the children used objects from around the classroom to represent numbers up to 20 and by the end of the week they were using Maths equipment. What a super group of learners! 

Anti-Bullying Week

We celebrated Anti-Bullying Week in class this week. The theme this year was 'United Against Bullying'. We talked about the term bullying and what this means. We discussed what we should do if we feel we are being bullied and what we could do if we felt that some else was being bullied. The children thought of lots of thoughtful, fantastic ways that we can be united against bullying to ensure we are a happy class family. They wrote their ideas on their handprint and we created a United Against Bullying wreath. Friday was Odd Socks Day. The children enjoyed listening to Andy and the Odd Socks and we all had a great time decorating odd socks! 


We have enjoyed some lovely Art lessons in class this week. The children had a fantastic time learning about the work of the famous artist, Piet Mondrian. The children did a super job recreating one of his famous pieces using the primary colours, and black and white. The children then took part in a lesson on colour mixing. They created secondary colours from mixing red, yellow and blue. It was a treat to watch the children having such a wonderful time! 

Puppet Making!

What a busy week and a lovely end to the half term! The children spent their afternoons sewing hand puppets. Firstly, they planned and designed them. Then, they sewed and decorated them independently, and evaluated them. It was a real joy to watch the children express their creativity and I was so impressed with their sewing skills. The puppets are now being stored safely and the children are looking forward to taking them home soon.

Hello Yellow!

We had a lovely  morning celebrating our Hello Yellow Day! We talked about what makes us happy, and how we can help others to have a happy heart. We listened to songs and created our own superheroes with superpowers. I was even treated to some beautiful yellow roses from one of the children in my class of amazing children! 

Come and See

In our recent Come and See topic, Families, we have been discussing why we have a family, who is in our family and how every family is different. The children role-played different ways that love and care can be shown in a family, and we also explored the different ways God can show his love for families. 


The children have been grouping and sorting objects according to different criteria; colour, shape, size and gender. They have also been representing numbers different ways and they created a super number museum! 

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