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smiley  Welcome to Year 3G's Class Page  smiley


Hope you had a lovely half term break and that the children feel refreshed and ready to step into the Spring Term. Over the next couple of weeks, we have lots to look forward to including a very special trip to Bridgewater Hall to listen to the Hale Orchestra and Mrs and Mrs Beckham will be coming into school to deliver a Sport and Science workshop for the day. As well as celebrating St.Patrick's Day and watching whole school assemblies, we have lots to fir in over the next couple of weeks.

(Not forgetting Parents' Evening - Wed24th /Thurs 25th Feb). 


This term we will be studying a wide variety of topics, including 'Light' and 'Animals including Humans' in Science, 'Moving Monsters' in DT and gymnastics in PE.


General Information



Reading books

Children will be given an opportunity to change their reading books once they have completed their book and it has been signed. The children will place their books in the basket provided and their book will be changed on the same day (when possible).
During and after completion of the book, please spend time discussing the plot, characters, layout, new knowledge gained etc., as analysis of the text becomes increasingly important in the Juniors. I do ask that the children bring their books into school on a daily basis as this will enable me to write a comment in their Reading Diary when they have read in a small group or individually to me or another adult.


All homework will be given on Friday night and will be collected in on the Wednesday of the following week. 
All homework should be done neatly and in pencil. Help may be given, but your child must record the work themselves. If you have supported your child with their homework, I would appreciate it if you could star * each question you have helped them with.


On-going: The children will be learning their times tables throughout the year, please feel free to give them a head start and begin to reinforce the 2,5,10's from Y2 and start on the rest



P.E lessons will take place on Tuesday and Thursday. Your child is required to have their full P.E kit in class during term time and they will be sent home during half term for washing. Please can you ensure that all clothing is clearly labelled.

Many thanks for your co-operation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. smiley

Our Classroom :)

Sports Skills Academy Visit 3G smiley


On Friday 26th February, we were very lucky as Mr Beckham and Mr Ryan from 'Sports Skills Academy' visited our class for the day and we were able to participate in a Sport and Science enrichment day. 


The children were split into 4 groups; Argentina, Germany, Ireland and Germany. They had to work together as a team to complete a wide range of different sporting and science activities and from that, they were able to win tokens for their team. The children were highly motivated and very keen to get started.


Before, the activities been, Mr Beckham took the children outside to participate in a range of warm up activities and he explained and discussed with the children the importance of warming up our bodies correctly and challenged the children to name all the different muscles they were warming up and the reasons for doing each stretch.


Once the warm up was completed it was game on! The children began their activities and the tokens soon started to add up! Teams were able to win Gold, Silver and Bronze tokens when completing in the football challenges and Platinum tokens were awarded in the Sports Science workshop.


It was a fantastic day filled with lots of fun and learning (and lots of red little faces too from all the running around) The scores were very close throughout the day but at the close of play, Argentina won smiley


It was a fantastic day and we are very grateful to Mr Beckham and Mrs Ryan for joining us for the day and teaching us the importance of honesty, ambition, leadership, teamwork, integrity and resilience frownno 


Have a look at us in action!




Year 3G Dance Competition


For the past 6 weeks, during curriculum time, the children have been participating in dance lessons in the school hall. They have been coached by a professional dance teacher called Micki Roberts from ‘Planet Dance Workshop’ and they choreographed a routine which the children have been learning and perfecting during each session.


The children danced and performed to ‘If I see you again’ which focused on both a contemporary and street dance style. On Thursday 12th November, the children went to Christ the King High School to perform their dance in front of 4 other schools. The children rose the occasion and performed exceptionally well. I was so proud of them as the did an excellent job.


As a result, the children were awarded the 'Best Dance' trophy for their efforts and therefore won the competition. Well done J

3G Dance Festival

The Year 3 Christmas Party :)

Stone Age to Iron Age Overview

Year 3 Long Term Plan

St Patricks St Maries