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Summer Term Creative Learning

The Indus Civilisation


In this History unit of learning, children will learn about the oldest ancient civilisation of the Indus Valley.  They will discover how the River Indus provided the people with water for crops and how the people in the cities traded for cotton cloth, gold and silver.  Children will discover how the Indus civilisation shaped the cultures of India and Pakistan and think about what the people of Indus have done for us.

Mrs Murphy, a training teacher will lead the children through the creative topic this half term and we will have lots of fun listening to Ancient Indus music, making shell, stone and pasta jewellery, clay pots and ‘seals’. Furthermore, we will learn traditional Mohenjo-Daro ancient Indus dancing.

Featured below is an overview of the theme to allow you to see how subjects connect. 

St Patricks St Maries