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Friend of the Week

20.11.20- Charlotte


Charlotte deserves to be our 'Friend of the Week' because she brings so much kindness and happiness into 4G. Charlotte is a very loyal friend and is admired for her caring and gentle nature. Her games are always fun, and she always makes an effort to include everyone. Charlotte has an excellent understanding of right and wrong and has been such a wonderful role model around our school. She has beautiful manners and puts her all into everything that she does.


Well done for being such a good friend to everyone in 4G, Charlotte. We are an incredibly lucky class to have someone as special as you in our class.


Keep being a star and keep being you! smiley



13.11.20- Bella


Bella is our 'Friend of the Week' for being polite, helpful and inclusive. Bella is such a wonderful member of 4G because she has so much love for everyone. She enjoys playing in big groups and is always happy to work with others. This week, Bella has been understanding and a supportive friend. She was a little star in our Art lesson, helping others with their cutting skills. 


Well done for having such an excellent week, Bella. Your kindness always makes me proud. Keep it up!


6.11.20- Faith

This week we have welcomed Faith into 4G and she has settled in brilliantly. Faith has shown how kind and caring she is, being a great friend to all. In the classroom, Faith has shared encouraging words to help motivate others with their learning. She has been inclusive on the playground and has brought a smile to many children's faces. 


Well done for having such a fantastic first week in Year 4G, Faith. You are the missing puzzle piece to our 4G family. You've brought laughter, love and heaps of kindness into our classroom. We are so lucky that you have joined us and we hope you have the best time. 


Keep shining bright, Faith. 



23.10.20- Cerys 


Cerys is our 'Friend of the Week' for being such an inspiration to all the children in Year 4. Out on the playground or inside the classroom, Cerys always has lovely words that help to encourage her peers. She includes others in her games and is always a helping hand when someone needs an encouraging smile. Her thoughtfulness and warming personality brings so much joy and comfort to the classroom. Cerys is understanding, patient and an absolute delight to be around. She is loved by all of her friends and teachers, we couldn't ask for more! 


Well done, Cerys. Keep being a little star and keep being you! 


16.10.20- Kayden


Kayden is our ‘Friend of the Week’ because he is such a loyal member of the class. He has the kindest soul and is always so friendly and gentle. Kayden looks for the good in people and his loving and calm nature encourages other children to make the right choices. He looks out for his friends on the playground and is a real team player. Kayden always has the kindest words to say about his friends which is why he is loved so much. When Mrs Garlick announced that Kayden was ‘Friend of the Week’, everyone agreed that he was the perfect choice!


Well done for being such a wonderful member of 4G, Kayden. Your big smile brightens up the classroom and we are so lucky to have a friend as kind as you. Keep it up!



9.20.20- Lucy M


Lucy is our 'Friend of the Week' for being such a kind-hearted and loving member of the class. Lucy always looks out for her friends and makes sure everyone has someone to play with. She is exceptionally helpful in the classroom and will do anything for anyone. Lucy beams with kindness and is such a wonderful role model on the playground.


Lucy, you are such a wonderful member of 4G. Your thoughtfulness helps other children to feel so welcome. Keep being a little star, keep being you!



2.10.20- Louise


Louise is our 'Friend of the Week' for being an honest and loyal member of the class. Louise loves to help other children and is very patient. Kayden and William have expressed how welcoming Louise was when they joined her table this week. Louise is always full of positivity and she brings so much happiness into our classroom. It was lovely to hear that most of the class wanted Louise to be our 'Friend of the Week,' this highlights her kindness. 


Well done, Louise. We are so lucky to have you in our class - you are amazing!



25.9.20- Lucy S & William


Lucy is our 'Friend of the Week' because she is a kind, honest and trustworthy member of 4G. Lucy takes on the role of the 'peacekeeper' and often helps to resolve disputes with heaps of understanding. We can always rely on Lucy to cheer us up!


Lucy, your kindness brings so much warmth into our classroom. You are an excellent role model and we are so lucky to have you in our class. 


William is our 'Friend of the Week' for always being inclusive. William often greets his friends and teachers with the biggest smile and always asks them about their day. He is always the first person to offer a helping hand and finds ways to cheer his friends up. 


William, you are such a happy and loving member of our class. You are the best at making us feel great about ourselves. Keep being you! 


19.9.20- Bobby W

Bobby is our 'Friend of the Week' for being such a gentleman. Bobby stopped what he was doing (twice!) on the playground to help Eva and Louise when they had hurt themselves. He displayed heaps of empathy and I know that both girls really appreciated his help. Bobby is always a lovely friend in the classroom and we are so lucky to have him in our class!


Keep it up, Bobby. You always make Mrs Garlick and your friends proud. yes



11.9.20- Ethan


Ethan is our 'Friend of the Week' because he always makes others feel welcome. 4G can count on Ethan to always cheer them up when they are feeling down. Nothing is ever too much for Ethan, he is such a good friend to everyone. 


Well done, Ethan. Your friends and Mrs Garlick are SUPER proud of you! laugh

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