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VLE Home Learning

Over the last few weeks, 2J have been learning all about Florence Nightingale and the wonderful work she did. To finish off this topic, the children have created some lovely portraits of Florence using different techniques. Here are some pieces to show you!

For one of this week’s English activities, 2J listened to the story ‘The Highway Rat’ by Julia Donaldson. They then were tasked with choosing any activity to respond to the book. We had some lovely work and some are below for you to see!

This week, children in many schools were asked to reflect on their own personal experiences of life in lockdown during the Coronavirus outbreak by either writing, drawing or photographing something about their day-to-day experiences in order to contribute to a creative project. Here is what we came up with :)

Over the last two weeks, 2J were tasked with designing and describing their own character and setting inventions ready for this week's task to write their own story. We have had some excellent pieces written and they are below for you to also enjoy!

8th May - 75th Anniversary VE Day Celebrations! I hope you all enjoyed the bank holiday and well done for completing your topic work this week. Most pupils chose to complete the following wordsearch or crack the Morse code activity but we also had some lovely, unique creations too!

This week, it has been clear that 2J have worked really hard on the start of their Roald Dahl Home Learning topic. They have designed their own animal character and written a letter to the author to tell him all about their ideas for their character. I have seen some excellent descriptions, vocabulary and sentences in the letters and really enjoyed their illustrations! I hope you like seeing their drawings too :)

There has been some fantastic mathematical investigations into arrays using many random household items this week!

This week 2J have written some thoughtful, inventive and fun poems that have made me smile and brightened my days! Here they are to make you smile too :)

For Science this week, 2J were asked to create a poster about habitats and then research food chains. They were then asked to create four different food chains in any way they wished. All the children clearly put in a lot of effort to make some very creative and amazing food chains!

Here are some examples of the habitat posters

Here are some examples of the food chains

2J were set the task of imagining they were in the African desert and using Purple Mash to write a postcard back to school to describe what it was like there. They did an amazing job at this, writing some very thoughtful descriptions of the plants and animals around them and how it is very different to life here in Southport! 

A few examples

St Patricks St Maries