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Every aspect of the children's work is influenced by the extent to which they use language with imagination and accuracy. Competence in reading, writing, speaking and listening is encouraged throughout the curriculum in order to enable the children to communicate appropriately and effectively. However, we teach English daily as a discrete subject from Year 1 to Year 6 following the Primary English Curriculum 2014, with opportunities for English in the Foundation Stage being incorporated within the child’s day according to principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).


Reading and writing is taught initially using the DfE Letters and Sounds document. The programme is introduced in the Reception class and consolidated throughout Key Stage 1. In Key Stage 2 we teach Spelling and Grammar using a variety of resources and schemes. This is taught both discretely and as an integrated part of our English lessons. Some pupils also undertake specific intervention programmes if they experience difficulties with reading and writing. 

Individual reading books are sent home weekly in Foundation Stage and Key Stage One and we use a variety of reading schemes including Oxford Reading Tree and Big Cat Collins. Children read to the teacher or another adult in school and also take part in guided reading. As children move into Key Stage Two they are encouraged to move away from the scheme books onto library books and they continue to take part in regular guided reading sessions in school to build on their inference and understanding of texts. All children have a home school reading diary which we encourage parents and carers to comment in. Children in Key Stage Two also have a Book Review book in which they can respond to texts they have read.


Please use your child's class page to find out what they are learning about each half term!

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