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Mrs Shirley and Mrs Palmen's Class


Hello and welcome to Reception. 

Our early years curriculum is based on learning through exploration and play. We access a variety of different activities in Reception to support us with our learning.  


A typical day in Reception:

Our school day begins with Early Doors at 8.45am. Children are welcome to arrive anytime between 8.45am and 9am. 

After registration and prayers, we are ready to learn our Letters and Sounds. Each day we learn a new letter or sound with adult-directed activities. After our whole class learning, we have some time to choose our own activities or we work with an adult in small groups or 1-1. Our outdoor area is often set up so that children can access activities both inside and out. After break time we all sit down together for snack time. We have a healthy snack each day except on Friday's when we have a treat. 

After snack time we take part in Maths activities, which can involve counting, singing, shape games, ICT, water play, sand play and measuring. We like to learn through fun, practical games and activities. Lunchtime begins at 11.30am. Most of us have hot dinners and some children bring in a packed lunch.

At 12.35pm we go back into class for our afternoon session. Each day we focus on different areas of the early years curriculum. Our activities can be linked to our Come and See topic, Show and Tell, Music, Knowledge & Understanding of the World or Personal, Social and Emotional Development (Circle Time Games). We have a piece of fruit each afternoon as part of the free fruit scheme Healthy Schools Government initiative.

Each day we take part in Collective Worship and we enjoy learning about Jesus through our Come and See topics. We say prayers each morning, before and after lunch and before home time.

Before we go home, we like to finish our day with a story, songs or dough gym.


General Information 


This term our P.E lessons will be on a Thursday morning. Please send your child to school in their full P.E kit. The children must have their school jumper or cardigan to wear.



Snack money is £1 per week or £6 per half term. 


Parental Involvement

 The early years curriculum is based on learning through play and exploration, There are a number of ways you can help your child to learn and make progress:

* Good attendance

* Home reading

* Point out numbers and letters in the environment

* Count at every opportunity

* Encourage your child to talk about the world around them. 



Reading can be a special time for you and your child. Research has shown that reading for as little as 5 or 10 minutes each day can help support your child's educational development. 

Book Trust Best Books for 0-5s


Here is the link for the recommended reads from the Book Trust if you are looking for inspiration for new books to share at home.

Phonics and Early Reading Information for Parents

Phonics Bug Demo

Still image for this video
A video demonstration for any parents unable to attend the Parents Information Zoom meeting.


Head Teacher Award - 14.01.22

This week our Head Teacher Award has been given to someone who shows a strong sense of community within school. Flynn is a joy to have in our class, he makes sure that no one ever feels left out and has built strong friendships with children in his own class but also in other classes too. He has a great sense of humour and never fails to put a smile on his friends' and teachers' faces. Well done Flynn!

Head Teacher Award - 10.12.21 and PE Award - 12.01.22

Sofia has worked incredibly hard lately and has received two awards in the last few weeks! She was awarded the Head Teacher Award before Christmas for being a good representative of our Mission Statement values. Today she has also received our first PE Award from our PE coach after showing super listening skills in our PE lesson. Well done, Sofia!

Head Teacher Award - 03.12.21

This week our Head Teacher Award goes to a child who consistently shows excellent behaviour outside in the playground. Not only that, but our winner is a wonderful friend to others and never leaves any child out of her games. Her behaviour is excellent whether she is in the classroom, in the outdoor area or walking around school. Great job, Isla!


This week we have begun our Christmas preparations. We have begun making our collage Advent wreaths, decorated our Christmas tree, opened the windows on our Advent calendars and even had a special visitor arrive in class for the rest of December! Say hello to the newest addition to RSP, Patrick the elf.

Head Teacher Award - 26.11.21

This week's Head Teacher Award has been awarded to someone who has shown progress across the wider curriculum and our recipient is Billy! Billy is a super reader and loves to look at all our books in the Reading Corner but yesterday he also explored the Creative Area and coloured in an amazing picture of the Numberblocks. He's also enjoying our Come and See topic of Birthdays and has invited everyone in the class to his house for Christmas dinner.

Head Teacher Award - 19.11.21

Today we enjoyed a Reception Assembly for Anti-Bullying Week where we discussed what it means to be a good friend and shared work we had done in class on this topic. Mrs Halsall wanted this week's Head Teacher Award to go to someone who consistently demonstrates being a good friend and always shows kindness to others. In RSP that little person is Lilah who shows so much care and love to her friends. She is the first to go and check on anyone who looks sad or upset. Well done, Lilah! 

Remembrance Day

On Thursday we honoured Remembrance Day with a one minute silence at 11am. We made sure the children understood the significance of this day and the symbolism of the poppy. We made printed poppy pictures using a cork, paint brush and lolly stick and wrote a short caption to accompany this. We also created a field of poppies collage using oil pastels.


This week we have enjoyed celebrating Diwali. We learned all about the story of Rama and Sita and how Diwali is celebrated by Hindus across the world. The children showed amazing understanding of the festival and could remember lots of information on this topic! We made Rangoli patterns from coloured sand and sculpted our own diva lamps from clay (which proved to be a great workout opportunity for our arm muscles) and jewels. Happy Diwali everyone!

Head Teacher Award - 11.11.21

Mrs Halsall wanted this week's Head Teacher Award to go to someone who has made exceptional progress since starting school and RSP's worthy winner is Florence! Florence has worked incredibly hard in all our lessons. She is conscientious, listens attentively and really applies herself when she works independently. We were not surprised to hear she has also been working hard at home too. Well done, Florence!

Recommended Read


Our Recommended Read this week is A Mouse called Julian by Joe Todd-Stanton. We loved the illustrations in this book and there were some unexpected parts in the story that kept us guessing! 



We enjoyed reading Simon Sock as one of our activities on Odd Sock Day. 


We enjoyed reading this great book Simon Sock as one of our activities on Odd Sock Day.


 Here are a couple of books we have enjoyed sharing during our work on Goldilocks and the Three Bears.



This was a fun book to read today in class!


We had fun counting and recognising number words in this book. 



Head Teacher Award - 15.10.21

This week's Head Teacher award has been awarded to someone who has shown perseverance through the week. Today's deserving superstar is Halle who found writing her letters a little tricky earlier this week but she never gave up and kept going to create a lovely final piece of work. Well done, Halle, you kept going when it got tough and produced work that we are all very proud of. I know your family are going to be so impressed with you!

Getting Dressed

This morning we had an impromptu lesson on putting on our jumpers and cardigans as this is something many of the children find very difficult. We practised undoing buttons and pulling our sleeves through so they're the correct way round. Please continue to encourage your child to dress and undress themselves independently at home. This is not only a vital life skill but is also great exercise for the muscles in the fingers which need to be strong for writing.

Head Teacher Award - 08.10.21

This week's Head Teacher award goes to Emilia for her super listening skills and sharing of ideas. Emilia said she found writing hard at the start of this week but has listened carefully to how we form our letters and numbers and her perseverance has really paid off. She did some incredible number 9s on a whiteboard this morning. When I took her photo she said, "You're really proud of me aren't you." Well done Emilia and yes, we are all very proud of you!

World Mental Health Day #hellowyellow

We have had a great day exploring our feelings and emotions in class for World Mental Health Day. We talked about how it's not just our bodies that need to stay fit and healthy but also our minds. We talked about how all our feelings are valid and that it's normal to sometimes have bad feelings as well as good ones. We also discussed how sometimes what we are feeling inside shows on the outside too and we had fun making lots of different emotion faces. The children thought my tantrum was particularly entertaining! Halle brought in a great mental health activity book which she enjoyed sharing with the class and some of the children chose to draw themselves feeling different emotions for their learning journeys. As a class, we made a resilience boat and shared our ideas for what worries, us, what anchors us and what makes us feel safe. We hope the children enjoyed today and also gained some insight into how important it is to talk about our feelings - both the good ones and the bad.

Head Teacher Awards - 17.09.21 and 24.09.21

Lottie and Jack have both been awarded Headteacher stickers over the last couple of weeks. Lottie received her sticker for settling into school and working hard while Jack received his for following our mission statement, "...we serve, love and learn together...". Well done to both children on their super efforts since starting school.

September 2021- Settling In

We have had a wonderful time getting to know the children the last couple of weeks. We have enjoyed playing and taking part in small group activities so the children can begin to make friends. Our Come and See topic is 'Myself' and we have loved hearing all about the children's families, what they like and what they would like to be when they are older. The whole class are doing so well and we are really impressed with how quickly they have settled into school life and our daily routines.

St Patricks St Maries