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Internet Safety

As technology advances, we recognise that the internet and the way that society uses the internet can be an immensely powerful and positive means of communication. We know that there are many benefits for our young people in using the internet and other technologies to enhance their understanding of the wider world and how they interact with one another.


The Internet and its effective use is an important part of learning across the curriculum. However, we also recognise that sometimes, internet access brings with it the possibility of placing pupils in embarrassing, inappropriate and challenging situations.


In order to ensure that our pupils are digitally aware and are as safe as possible, we teach specific e-safety lessons as part of our computing curriculum and we have a range of security measures to ensure all pupils are safeguarded within the school setting.



At school we regularly invite our local PCSO’s into school to talk to the children about social media and being safe online. Many children are unaware of the legal age restrictions on many sites/Apps and are often shocked to learn that the legal age for popular communication tools is often 13years+. The PCSO’s help the children to understand that, once shared, content cannot always be deleted, so children should always think twice before sharing information or images.


Anti- Bullying Week

Online bullying and harassment has had a high profile of late. At school we remind the children throughout the year and especially during anti-bullying week, about what to do and who to talk to should they feel that they are being bullied online.


Digitally aware citizens at Home


It is advised that parents/carers talk to their children about how they can use the internet in as safe a manner as possible whilst at home, as this is often a way children communicate with their peers when outside the school setting.


Please remember, that whilst you can educate your child on the safest way to use the internet, it is impossible to make tools such as search engines 100% safe. It is therefore important that you encourage your child to report a problem to yourself or the school. As a common point of emphasis, we highly recommend continued, open and honest dialogue between home, school and the child as the most effective and proactive measure to keeping children safe online. 




Online Safety Policy 2023

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