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Ancient Greek Architecture


5J have been learning all about Ancient Greek architecture, and how these designs have influenced buildings across the globe (including the White House). We have studied the three different types of columns used, as well as the different parts of the columns, such as the frieze, the capital and the base.


Last week, we sketched some ideas for a frieze to go at the top of a building. Today, we sculpted one out of plasticine. 5J thoroughly enjoyed carving and sculpting their scene and the outcomes were very good! Take a look :) here are some photos of us working hard.

Picasso Portraits

To complete our unit, we have looked at Picasso's cubist style of artwork and painted some excellent portraits using a range of colours! We then added detail using felt pens on top.


To continue this unit, we have started to look at Picasso and his synthetic cubist style of art. 5J worked hard this afternoon to create a portrait inspired by cubism! Photos below show everyone concentrating and then their finished pieces.


To continue this unit, we have finally completed our first self-portrait! All of 5J did a great job. Here are just four examples of our sketching, can you tell who they are?


To continue our self-portrait unit, we have used sketching lines to complete a portrait of a famous face. This has been excellent practise ready to move on to completing a self-portrait next week!


We have started this unit by focusing on each facial feature. We have explored how every eye, nose, ear and mouth are all different and unique. In this lesson, we practised sketching each of the facial features before we move on to sketching a whole portrait.

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