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At St Patrick's, our aim is to give every child a solid foundation, equipping them with the skills they need in Geography for life.  We want to inspire our children with a lifelong fascination about the world around them and its people. 


This is achieved through four areas: locational knowledge, place knowledge, physical and human features, geographical skills and fieldwork.  These skills are implemented lesson by lesson, year by year, across the key stages, carefully building upon prior learning. For example, in Reception locational knowledge begins as children learn about the world around them, then in Year 1 they learn about the UK and it countries, in Year 2 they learn about the seven continents and five oceans and by Year 6 children are learning about South America and comparing this with the United Kingdom. We have an ambitious and inclusive curriculum to ensure that every child at St. Patrick’s has every opportunity to make the very best progress.



“I’m really enjoying learning about the local area where we live!” Bella


'I enjoy Geography because my teacher makes the lessons fun and straight forward!” Lance


“I like that we learn interesting facts about countries, where they are and all about the area.”  William





Year 3 - Map Work

Year 5 - Contrasting Locality in France

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