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Outdoor PE - Dribbling Practise!

Dance - Balloons! Firstly observing balloons to see how they move. Then our dance! Imagining we are floppy, deflated balloons then slowly being inflated with smooth movements. Then imagining the wind is blowing us around to travel in different ways!

Performing our Balloon Dance

Our final gymnastics session with PDS!

Gymnastics with Neil!


Gymnastics with Neil! We truly are great at travelling, balancing, jumping and landing in 2J!

2J and 2B Multi Skills Trip to Christ the King High School. Year 10s did a fantastic job showing us different skills to practise. We all had great fun!

PE has been so enjoyable this term with the coach, Neil, coming in each Wednesday to teach us a range of skills. We’ve improved our balance, agility and co-ordination week after week using different equipment, including cones, hoops and tennis balls. 2J have also enjoyed playing lots of new games in lessons and competing against each other for team points! Here are just a few photos of some of the activities we have done.

Our final session with Neil! Parachute Games!