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Dear parents/carers,

As this term draws to a close, I'd like to take the opportunity to comment on how wonderful it has been to have all the children back. They have been amazing, coping admirably with the return to school and adapting to the ever changing landscape we have found ourselves in. We also have had to adapt as teachers, and as such, we have had to change the curriculum we deliver. Due to constrictions when we were locked down, we made the decision to teach some topics in a different order to normal. With this in mind, please find the 'Amended Long Term Curriculum' for Y6 at the end of the page, that we will subsequently follow for the remainder of the year.

Thank you once again for all your help and support - it is greatly appreciated.

Have a wonderful Easter!

Miss McAteer




General Information


Contact Details

If you have updated your phone, or recently moved, please update your contact details at the school office as soon as possible, this assists us greatly to keep our files up to date.

Medical Conditions

A quick reminder -if your child has a medical condition that staff need to know about, please inform school as soon as possible. If your child requires an inhaler, or any other medicine, please make sure it has been returned to school, and is not out of date. 


Children are invited to bring their own snacks to be eaten during morning or afternoon break times.  Snacks should be a healthy food choice such as fruit or a cereal bar.  Chocolate bars and crisps are not considered to be healthy snacks.

P.E. sessions take place each MONDAY, although this may be subject to changes throughout the school year. Please ensure a full P.E. kit is worn to school on this day with a school jumper or cardigan.


Homework will be set in line with school policy each Monday. Currently, children will be sent an email with instructions for work or activities to complete. This policy may change in the coming weeks and months. We appreciate your patience and understanding over the new ways in which work will have to be completed.

 This term we had fun designing and making our own Christmas Masks in DT!
St Patricks St Maries