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P.E Curriculum


In St Patrick’s Primary School, our aim is to enable all children to be involved in physical activity, be encouraged to enjoy physical education and appreciate fair play.  We strive to develop motor skills, healthy lifestyles, aesthetic awareness, build self confidence, co-operation, valuing others contributions and raise understanding of physical education.  Thus, we enable pupils to achieve their full potential and support and enhance the school’s policies whenever possible.  

In St Patrick’s Primary School, we follow Sefton’s ‘Top Sport (KS2) and Top Play (KS1) as the basis of our medium term plans and ‘Val Sabin’ as a basis of our medium term plans for both Dance and Gymnastics. These give details of each unit of work for each term. These plans define what we teach, and ensure an appropriate balance and distribution of work across each term. 
Class teachers complete a daily plan for each P.E lesson. This lists the specific learning objectives and expected outcomes, and gives details of how the lesson is taught.
We plan the PE activities so that they build upon the prior learning of the children. While there are opportunities for children of all abilities to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding in each activity area, there is progression planned into the scheme of work, so that children are increasingly challenged as they move up and through school.


*For information about after school activities, please see the 'Sport Club' page in the 'About Us' section of our school website*

Year 2 had lots of fun participating in a range of multi skills activities at Christ The King School. Each pupil had the opportunity to take part in events such as speed jump, dribbling using hockey sticks and footballs, balancing skills using bats and agility games that involved throwing and catching.

PDS Coaching.


As part of the PE Premium Grant that has been introduced by the Government, we decided at St Patricks that we would like to invest in providing a programme for the children in our school which would help them benefit from healthy exercise, active learning and competition. PDS Coaching provide quality coaching and training in a variety of sports . "PDS adopts a player centred approach'.  Using learning through games they the development of tactical skills, technical ability, teamwork, personal achievement and ethical participation.


Sessions are designed to consist of enjoyment and fun as well as player development, and they make links to the PE National Curriculum. The children are given the opportunity to develop their sporting skills through a variety of sports including; football, tag rugby, cricket, handball and hockey. By providing pupils with increased opportunities to participate in a range of activities both in and out of school, we hope to provide a vehicle for young people to stay active, learn new skills, develop new friendships and develop a work ethic that can be used in other areas of life. smiley

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