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Year 4N

Welcome to Year 4
Class Teacher-Mrs Neesam
Teaching Assistant- Miss Madani



We thoroughly enjoyed learning about Kenya last term and our trip to  the Ceramic Cafe in Churchtown was a great way to bring the topic to a close. We are proud of the tiles we have designed and they look fabulous in the classroom!  We designed our own African Masks in Design Technology and wrote stories based on the Tinga Tinga tales. The Art Exhibition was a lovely way to embrace our learning and it made us realise just how busy we have been.   
Summer Topics     

After Easter, we started a Geography focused topic based on Water. We explored the water cycle, water issues around the world, the conservation of water, some famous rivers, the importance of clean water and flooding. We made creative and engaging links through Art when we studied the artist Monet and his famous painting, Water Lillies.

Through Dance, improvised to the famous, Swan Lake and created our own water theme in the hall using voiles. Darcy Bussell would be impressed!

See our overview of the Water theme below for further information.

Creative Finale.....

We complete our creative journey this half term learning about Ancient Greece.  We are going to be able to locate Greece on a map and use photographs to make observations about its physical and human features.  We will explore life in Athens and Sparta, research Greek Gods and read exciting myths!  The topic links perfectly with the 2012 Olympic Games and through D.T. we will design and make a torch.

Enjoy browsing through our photo gallery, especially now that we are ECO Genius in Year 4!


General Information

Spelling/Literacy and Numeracy homework is discussed and handed out each Monday.  The tasks set each week support the units we are working on in class.  


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