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5J have been welcomed back to school with a very important detective job in Maths today! They had fun working out which mischievous monkey stole the keys to the zoo!

Our first topic of the Autumn Term is Place Value. We will be working on numbers up to one million!

5J have already shown they can read and write numbers with up to 7 digits and we will continue to explore the value of each digit within numbers. 

Today we have been solving problems involving line graphs! We worked on our reasoning skills by talking to our partners about our thinking :)

5J had great fun this morning, applying their knowledge of column subtraction to play a competitive game! They started with a budget and had to subtract different payments every time they landed on a purchase or fine square...

Please remember to always keep practising your mental maths skills at every opportunity...That includes addition, subtraction as well as times tables! Also, try working out some maths in real life, whether it’s: working out change in a shop; looking at how many miles a journey is; counting in steps when walking up the stairs (e.g. counting 9, 18, you take each step); using fractions to cut up a pizza; weighing ingredients when cooking; looking at how long a tv programme is on for and calculating when it will finish; or many other opportunities you can find! 
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