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For this term's topic, 'Great Fire of London', 2J have been exploring use of colours, how they can be warm or cold, and how to create textures. We have explored how Eric Carle creates textures by using tissue paper and paint. This then helped us to create a textured 'fire' background before we created silhouettes for the London skyline. We also worked together as a year group to create an oil pastel fire background then sketches of buildings on top of these!

Gluing down the layers

Then adding paint!

Some Finished Silhouettes!

All of Year 2 creating an oil pastel background then sketching a building to create a skyline!

African Mask Making! We started by exploring traditional African mask designs before actually designing our own mask. Then we made our masks out of salt dough.We also painted and evaluated our masks.

Continuing with our African art, we studied Ndebele huts in South Africa before designing our own. All of 2J appeared to enjoy using oil pastels and are concentrating hard to shade, use repeated patterns and a range of shapes in their designs.

For this term’s topic of ‘Africa’, 2J have studied the clothing traditionally worn all over the country. We looked into the colours, shapes and patterns before becoming dress designers ourselves! All of 2J designed bright and colourful dresses for our display and some even have repeated patterns 

St Patricks St Maries