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5J created their own mythical creatures, ready for when they write their own story based on Greek Myths...look at their creatiivity!

5J Wrote their own poem today, based on Roger McGough's 'The Sound Collector' by changing the sense. They had some great ideas, enjoy reading these!

Performing our poems to the class

Performing our poems to a partner

Poetry - discussing Roger McGough's poems

Poetry - exploring structural and language features by working as a group to turn stanzas of a poem into paragraphs of a story!

All of 5J have worked incredibly hard, whether at home or in school, to produce an explanation text of their choice. This week we finished our non-fiction unit, and after analysing the structural and language features of texts, pupils chose their own topic to research, plan and write about! Have a look to see what you'd like to learn about below!

5J spent today’s lesson working as a group to act out a news broadcast! They really enjoyed playing their roles of news reporter or one of the characters from the Aboriginal story, ‘Mirram the Kangaroo and Warreen the Wombat’! They all did a great job, performing confidently and with expression, while thinking carefully about either what to ask the two characters or how the characters would answer.

5J enjoyed 'hot-seating' the characters from the story How the Kangaroo Got His Tail today, and they did a great job of asking questions or answering them as either the joey kangaroo, the mother kangaroo or the wombat :)

Our first English topic of Year 5 is all about Michael Morpurgo and his style of writing. After three weeks, 5J are really into both our focus texts - ‘This Morning I Met a Whale’ and ‘The Butterfly Lion’ and have shared some great ideas about the boys in both stories. I’m sure your child will share lots of their ideas with you if you ask them about either of these stories! I can’t wait to update you when we’ve read more!

This week we spent our English lessons writing our own stories in the style of Michael Morpurgo. We also had the opportunity to read parts of our stories to our friends which you can see below :)

We have finally finished our two stories so we spent the lesson learning about Michael Morpurgo himself, his inspiration and his advice for writing! We then worked as a class to create this short Fact File about him.

Today we predicted the ending of The Butterfly Lion. We acted out our predictions and did a freeze-frame to describe different character's feelings at different points.

5J answered questions in first person as if they were Bertie as a little boy. They came up with some fantastic ideas in my for yourself!

A group of 5J worked together alongside Miss Jones to write a paragraph to compare the similarities and the differences between Bertie and Millie's childhood experiences. Here is what they came up with:


Both Bertie and Millie have a father, however they’re never around. Bertie grew up with a mother but she was always sick with Malaria. In contrast, Milly grew up without a mother as she died giving birth. They both had similar childhoods because they didn’t go to school. Instead, they were bored and lonely staying at home. Because they both equally had no siblings, their boredom and loneliness made them miserable and depressed. They had no friends. Bertie lived in the confines of the compound, likewise Millie lived in the confines of their house. Millie lived in England whereas Bertie lived in Africa. Even though Bertie loved to see the animals down at the waterhole, he disliked the vast fences that surrounded him. In comparison, Millie wasn’t privileged enough to be exposed to such dangerous, exotic, wild animals. Instead, she liked to see butterflies flapping their generous wings. Bertie went to school near Millie.

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