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The Bronze Age


We have been looking at how life changed between the Stone Age and Bronze Age through the discovery of how to smelt copper and tin to make bronze. 

Exploring Bronze Age sources.

The Stone Age


Hunters and Gatherers 3.11.21


We found out that early humans depended on finding food to survive and were known as hunter-gatherers because they hunted for animals and fish and gathered wild food. It was only during the Neolithic period, that Stone Age people grew and raised their own food.

We split into groups and became Hunters and Gatherers to search for food around our playground - we had to be careful to check that all of the food we gathered was safe and not poisonous!

Becoming Historians - 20.10.21


We have loved finding out about life in the Stone Age. Today we became historians and explored different sources and artefacts to find out about what life might have been life during Stone Age times. 

St Patricks St Maries