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History: How Did the Roman Empire Impact Britain?

We have been learning about the Roman Empire's impact on Britain. First, we considered how we know about the Roman Empire and became archaeologists ourselves. Then we learned about how the rule of the Empire changed, showing excellent chronology skills on the way with Emperor Claudius dropping by to teach us. We have explored why the Empire spread so widely, becoming a cohort in a Roman legion for a day, and how Rome successfully invaded Britain. There is talk that in the coming weeks another guest teacher may speak to us about the Celtic rebellion led by this space.


.....and he did. We were joined by Emperor Hadrian who taught us all about the Roman conquest of Britain led by Emperor (Glorious) Claudius and Boudica's rebellion quashed by Emperor Nero (the Hero).

French Enrichment Afternoon

In our French enrichment afternoon, we learned all about France and the French speaking world. We put our general knowledge to the test with a quiz about French, France and French speaking countries (did you know that the Ivory Coast is the world's largest exporter of cocoa?) We then tried some delicious French food before using our creativity to create Eiffel Tower models from art straws. We also found time to listen to some French music and, of course, speak a little French too. C'est magnifque!

St Patricks St Maries