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Special Educational Needs and/or Disability



St. Patrick’s Catholic Primary School is a very happy and friendly school where children grow, develop and learn in a caring and loving environment. We value the strong partnership we have with our parents, local community and parish. We work hard to support every individual child to help them to achieve their full potential; academically, socially, morally, physically and spiritually.


SEND and the Curriculum


Children in school can present with a range of additional needs. The emphasis of our Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) policy is on the early identification of any difficulties a child may have. We aim to respond to these needs by offering an appropriate learning environment, in which a range of differentiated activities and learning styles are provided. We ensure that all children access a board and balanced curriculum.


 At St Patrick’s, we pride ourselves on being able to tailor your child’s education to suit their needs. Mrs Garlick (SENCo) will work closely with your child’s class teacher and you as parents/carers, to put in place a bespoke SEND Support Plan to help your child to progress.


Some additional needs are very specific and will need a specialised approach in order to ensure that your child makes good progress. Sometimes, children may have a range of more complex needs. In all cases, we will work with the ambition that your child will make progress, access a full and vibrant curriculum and work not only upon those things that they find hard, but also develop their own unique talents. 


Pupil Voice at St Patrick's 

"Learning is fun and I am enjoying school life because I am always making new friends. I love learning and have enjoyed our school trips." - Year 6 


"I have a quiet, calm area in my classroom with toys that help me when I need to fiddle." - Year 5 


"I enjoy spending time with my TA who helps me to learn my times tables." - Year 4 


"I have lots of friends in school."- Year 3


"My favourite thing in school has been using peg boards, P.E. cutting games and flash cards". -Year 2 


"Taking toys into school for Golden Time is fun." - Year 1


" I like dressing up and using the Netbooks." -Reception 


Key Details:

SENCO -   Mrs R. Garlick



Below you will find our Accessibility Plan, Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy, SEND Policy, SEND Information Report and Local Offer. 

Mental Health and Well-Being 


The staff at St. Patrick's endeavour to support your child in all areas of the curriculum, including their social and emotional development.


 Friday 9th October was a very special and happy day at St. Patrick’s. At a time when it was needed most, we came together to celebrate World Mental Health Day. It was a delight to see the children wearing something yellow but most importantly, seeing them wearing their smiles. Throughout the day the children took part in activities that promoted positive health and well-being. These activities will remain a focus throughout the school year.


Please view the slideshow which gives a snippet of our ‘Hello Yellow’ day. smiley

St Patrick's Catholic Primary School - SEND Information Report

SEND Policy 2021

Accessibility Plan

St Patricks St Maries