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Guided Reading

Guided Reading Focus in Year 6

Spring 1:  Evolution


Year 6 will begin the half term studying a variety of texts which relate to Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. Not only will these texts support our reading, they will also help us to secure and build on the knowledge that we will gain in our Science lessons. 


Our Guided Reading Sequence

Week 1: Explanation Text - What is Evolution?

Week 2: Biography - Charles Darwin 

Week 3: Diary - Dairy from the Beagle

Week 4: Explanation- A Finch Solution

Week 5: Explanation - Common Descent

Week 1: Summary Focus - What is Evolution (Explanation Text)

This week's focus is to develop our summary work. To do this, we are using our retrieval skills to help make comparisons and give explanations. 

Guided Reading Focus in Year 6

Autumn 2: Poetry and Myths and Legends


Year 6 will begin the half term studying classical poetry, by Charles Causley and Enid Blyton. During their poetry unit, the focus will be to develop the skill of inference and unpacking the poet's choice of figurative language. 


As we embark into Week 3, the children will begin their Guided Reading unit based on Myths and Legends. Over a five week period, the children will be developing their explanation skills, understanding how to use 'Point, Evidence and Explain' (PEE).


To supplement our Guided Reading lessons, we will be using out VIPERS questions when reading our new novel, The Nowhere Emporium. 


Reading Progression: 

Week 1 - Poetry: Colonel Fazackerley Butterworth (figurative language/ inference)

Week 2 - Poetry: Fireworks (figurative language/inference) 

Week 3 - Myths and Legends: Beowulf

Week 4 & 5- Children of Lir

Week 6 - Cuchulann

Week 6: Myths and Legends: Cuchulann

This week's focus is based on developing our inference skills, justifying our viewpoints using evidence from the text. In our guided groups, we will be looking at the author's choice of vocabulary. 

Week 4 & 5: Myths and Legends - Children of Lir

This week, our Year 6 children will be focusing on 'explanation' work, by using evidence from the text to help justify their understanding. Their explanation work will be centred on the thoughts and feelings of a main character. In order to secure this learning, we will continue to work on this during our English lessons when reading The Nowhere Emporium.

Week 3: 13.11.23 - Myths and Legends - Beowulf

Week 2 - 6.11.23: Poetry - Fireworks

Week 1 - 30.10.23 Poetry: Colonel Fazackerley Butterworth

Guided Reading Focus in Year 6

Autumn 1: Non-Fiction 


This half term, the children will be reading and responding to a variety of non-fiction texts, which will all be about football. Each week, there will be a different focus to help develop the children's comprehension skills. We are encouraging the children to revisit the text at home to help develop their fluency and understanding. 


Our guided reading lessons will help to support our writing by exploring similar genres. 



Week 1 - Information 

Week 2 - Persuasive

Week 3 - Newspaper Report

Week 4 - Newspaper Report

Week 5 - Information

Week 6 - Poetry


Week 1 - 11.9.23

Text: Red and Yellow Cards (Information)

Focus: Direct Retrieval - Being able to respond to questions by highlighting information within the text.

Week 1 - Text: Red and Yellow Cards

Week 2 - 18.9.23

Text: Women's Football (Persuasive)

Focus: Vocabulary - Being able to define keywords, including using a dictionary to support understanding.

Week 2 - Women's Football

Week 3 - 25.9.23 


This week, the Year 6 children will be completing a piece of writing based on a persuasive argument. With this in mind, their guided reading sessions will be based on Pig Heart Boy, exploring the language used and character actions. 


In addition, we will be focusing on the Year 5 Common Exception Words, developing our sight reading, fluency and spelling. 

Week 3 - Year 5 and 6 Common Exception Words

Week 4 - 2.10.23


This week, we will be focusing on newspaper reports, which links to our writing unit. The children will be analysing the key features of the report, as well as being able to distinguish between 'fact' and 'opinion'. 

Week 4 - Text: Newspaper Reports

This week, the children will be looking at an information text with a focus on retrieval skills. When we look at retrieval questions, the children respond to comprehension questions using a highlighter and reading lights. Doing this has enabled us to use a 'skimming and scanning' technique, which helps us to locate responses to the comprehension. Reading lights always helps to keep the magic of reading alive! 


Sticky Knowledge: At home, ask us what we mean by 'retrieval questions'. This is our 'sticky knowledge' because it was a focus on week one and we are working hard to retain key skills that we have previously learned. 

Week 5: Text - The Origins of Football (Information Text)

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