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2J have really enjoyed re-telling the story, The Tin Forest and here are some examples of their work.

Our SPaG lesson on homophones - pairing the words up then matching them to their description. Enjoy practising this week's spellings!

We have had a very exciting start to our new Narrative unit based on 'The Tin Forest'. We have worked hard to describe the little, old man's real world and his dream world, as well as putting ourselves in his shoes to describe how he must feel in both of these worlds. We have hot-seated the man to ask him questions and acted out the story to develop our understanding of the character. 2J can't wait to find out what happens next! Why not ask your child to make a prediction of the ending based on what we've read already, then see if they are correct once we've read the end?

Acting out the story so far

Our descriptions

For our non-fiction unit, we have been learning all about firefighters, fire engines and fire safety! We have looked at many different information books and explored the key features of non-fiction texts!

Our final English topic of the Autumn Term has been based around the narrative 'Wanted: The Perfect Pet'. This has been a really fun book to explore and 2J have done very well in all our lessons. This week we have concluded the unit by performing the story with a Narrator, a Henry and a duck before writing our own version of the story. See the pictures and videos below of our acting skills!
For our next English topic in Year 2, we have started to look at Acrostic Poetry. We spent today's lesson reading through many different acrostic poems about many different topics including FOOTBALL, PUMPKINS, AFRICA, SEASIDE and ANIMALS. We shared our opinions and talked about what made each poem interesting. We then moved on to exploring exciting vocabulary in poems. Finally, we planned, wrote and performed our own acrostic poems about an animal.

All our poems were amazing, here are a few examples!

We really enjoyed performing the poems using expression in our voices today!

Here we are, reading the many different Acrostic Poems!

For our first English topic in Year 2, we have explored some of Aesop’s Fables. Ask your child what makes a fable a fable, and what it means to have a moral. We re-told the story of ‘The Hare and the Tortoise’ before moving on to ‘The Lion and the Mouse’. Today, 2J really enjoyed acting out the story; can you tell which part of the story is in each of these ‘freeze-frame’ pictures?

The Performance!


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