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Our Art and Design curriculum aims to engage, inspire and challenge pupils through a knowledge-based curriculum.  Our focus is to equip all children with the necessary skills and knowledge to experiment, invent and create their own works of art and design. The Art and Design curriculum gives the children an insight into the working method of known artists and the influences of different cultures throughout the world, past and present. Across the school, we aim to provide broad opportunities for children to become proficient in drawing, painting, collage and sculpture.




In Art and Design, we implement an inclusive curriculum that meets the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum.

Our curriculum is well-planned and makes links with other subject areas, to enhance children’s learning. Through our programme of study, children develop their talents across the key areas of drawing, painting, sculpture and collage which provides a rounded curriculum with opportunities to develop knowledge and skills in Art and Design.  

Within each Art and Design topic, children build on their prior learning to extend their knowledge, skills and techniques.  A series of lessons are planned around an artist, craft maker or designer, which provides a stimulus to support the development of their own work. Children are also given the opportunity to develop the language of art and explore working within sketchbooks.

Our Art and Design curriculum promotes children’s Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development, ensuring that they are reflective and responsible citizens.

 Our curriculum is sequenced to ensure there is continuity and progression for all learners. For further information regarding topics and skills covered in each year group please see this year's curriculum map attached below.



Our Art and Design curriculum ensures that children are able to build on their knowledge, skills and techniques across their school life and are proud to celebrate their work within school and in the wider community. Through the breadth and depth that our curriculum offers, our children are well-equipped in Art and Design for the next stage in their education. Our curriculum enables children to become creative and lifelong learners.


Pupil Voice

Here are some comments from our current pupils regarding Art and Design:


"I like just being able to go in my own world for a bit. I find it relaxing." (Year 6 pupil)


"I love learning about different techniques. I like it when the whole class works together to create something." (Year 4 pupil)


" I enjoyed learning about Clarice Cliff. We designed really colourful plates. I love art!" (Year 3 pupil)


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