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Come and See

Stewardship: How can we be stewards of creation? Here are some thoughtful poems to show our appreciation for God's Wonderful World!

What is giving? What sacrifices do we make? What is the importance of giving? We discussed our ideas as a class today!

Working hard to create our own class Advent calendar!

Celebrating Advent: A Trip to Church with Father John (and his guitar of course)!

5J worked as a class this afternoon to create a job description for an apostle. They came up with so many desired qualities that we ran out of post-it notes! Here is the very full whiteboard...and a typed up list of 5J's ideas for you to read for yourself.

All of 5J worked incredibly hard this afternoon to describe their mission and give reasons for them. It was hard to choose a few to show as examples on here as they were all amazing but here are a selection for you to read!

We came up with a Recipe for Life: how we think we should live

To recognise such a special time in our lives, 5J spent time this afternoon sharing our experiences of the Sacrament of Holy Communion. Over the past few Saturdays, some of the children in our class have celebrated this special Sacrament with Father John. We enjoyed discussing our family experience with each other this afternoon.

Here is our acrostic poem, inspired by our recognition of all being different and unique - and how this is something to celebrate - after reading 'Paul's Letter to the Colossians' (based on Colossians 3:10-11):


Unified because of our differences

Nobody is more special than anyone else – we are all as special as each other

Incredibly talented and special

Queens and kings of Year 5

United together as one in God’s family

Everybody encourages each other

To start off our first Come and See topic, we described our skills, talents and qualities! 5J is a class of superstars! Here we are, talking to our friends about what we are like and what we are good at:

St Patricks St Maries