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Creating our own musical piece!

Violin - Spring 


We are making excellent progress in Violin, especially with our bow holds. This term Mrs Reed has chosen to select a ‘Violinist of the Week’. We will update the webpage regularly so that you can see our successes.


13.3.20-Lewis M

Lewis was awarded 'Violinist of the Week' for his excellent focus throughout the session. Lewis is showing great improvement with his performance. 


Well done, Lewis!


6.3.20- Ellie B

Ellie was awarded 'Violinist of the Week' for her consistent effort in Violin lessons. Ellie is always enthusiastic about Violin and this week produced her own musical piece. 

Well done, Ellie! 


13.2.20- Annamaria 

Annamaria worked so hard throughout the lesson and really deserved to be Mrs Reed's Violinist of the week. Annamaria displayed an excellent bow hold and knew when to perform her 'circle of rest'. 

Well done, Annamaria! 


6.2.20- Ellie F & Gabriel 

Mrs Reed was really impressed with how Ellie F and Gabriel helped to lead the session. Both children performed their musical pieces beautifully, with excellent starting positions. 


Well done, Ellie & Gabriel


30.1.20- Jack E & Poppy

Jack and Poppy have worked incredibly hard this week and were certainly the Violin stars! Jack displayed confidence throughout the lesson with a great bow hold. Poppy followed all of Mrs Reed's instructions carefully and beautifully performed her musical piece. 


Well done, Jack and Poppy!


23.1.20- Jack S

Mrs Reed felt that Jack S really deserved 'Violinist of the Week' for his exceptional focus and application of the class objective. Jack played his violin beautifully with a great bow hold.


16.1.20- Isobel and Lewis H

Mrs Reed was particularly proud of Isobel and Lewis for being able to pull their bow to create a longer note.

Well done, Isobel and Lewis!





What an exciting start to the Autumn term we have had! The children in Year 4 are taking part in Violin lessons. Mrs Reed delivers the lessons which will take place throughout the year. During the Summer term, the children will be able to showcase their talents in a fabulous concert. 


After lesson one, many of 4G said Violins were going on their Christmas lists! smiley

St Patricks St Maries