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Year 1S

Tuesday 5th January – Home Learning.

Dear Parents and Children,


Happy New Year to you all! I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas break. For the children who will not be coming into school, you will all be missed very much. The online lessons will run in a similar format to during the isolation period.  



I have allocated our usual Phonics lesson to all of the children. Please log onto and enter your child’s login details. I realise that for most of you, your blue Reading Record book is in school with your child’s login details inside. If you do not have your login details written down at home, then please feel free to email me using the class email and I will give you the details you need.


Once you have reached your child’s homepage, you will see a little red circle next to ‘my stuff’. This indicates that there is a lesson waiting for you. Please click on ‘my stuff’ then click on the icon which says ‘Phonics’ and shows a picture of a green bug. You can then click to open the lesson. This week’s Phonics lesson will revisit the learning which took place before the Christmas break. This will enable the children to practise the most recent tricky words which have been learning before we move onto a new phase in Phonics next week. The lesson is split into two parts – Unit 12 language lesson 3 irregular, and language lesson 3.


Like the Phonics lessons we completed during the isolation period, you should navigate through the little blue tabs at the top of the screen. The words which the children should practise reading and writing today are: one, when, out, what.  The captions which the children should have a go at writing are: Twist and turn, a soft quilt, a crisp frost.


All the children have an online reading book if you would like to do some online reading while you are logged onto the active learn website.



I have attached a writing frame for today’s English activity. The children should write their Christmas holiday news to ease them back into writing after the Christmas break. There are two differentiated versions of the writing template. Please feel free to use the one you feel is most appropriate for your child. I have also attached a phonics sound mat and tricky word mat to support the children with their writing.



This week’s lessons will focus on shape. To begin the lesson please open the PowerPoint entitled Maths Shape Presentation. Please go through the slides for lesson one. Next, please open the document entitled Tuesday Maths Worksheet. The children should complete pages 3 and 4 of the worksheet which show two stars at the top of the page. However, if you feel it more appropriate, you may opt for your child to complete the worksheets showing one star, or three stars as these are differentiated versions.


Thank you for all your patience and understanding during this tricky time.


Miss Stevenson

Happy New Year! We hope you have all enjoyed a lovely Christmas and New Year.

To start our busy spring term off, the children will be learning about information texts during their English lessons. We will be sorting books according to their genre and identifying key features of a non-fiction text. The children will be writing captions, questions and even having a go at writing their own information pages.


Our learning will then move on to Traditional Tales. We will begin with Jack
and the Beanstalk before exploring other well-known tales. The children will be working on their writing skills such as capital letters, punctuation and the use of adjectives. They will also be sequencing, retelling and writing their own stories.


Our Creative topic will be Castles. This will have a History focus for the first half term and the children will learn about the different features of castles and the roles of those who lived and worked in castles. We will also be designing and making our own moving cannons in our Design and Technology lessons.


Medical Conditions

If your child has a medical condition that staff need to know about, please inform school as soon as possible. If your child requires an inhaler, or any other medicine, please make sure it has been returned to school, and is not out of date.



Children will be allocated one online book each week on Active Learn.  Your child's log in details can be found in the front of their reading record.  Please keep a note of them at home. Children are taking home one book to read at home each week, on Monday. It will be wiped down before being put in children’s book bags.  Please keep your child’s book at home until Thursday. This gives some time for your child to read with you and ideally finish their book before bringing it back to school on Thursday morning. Books will then be placed in a box for 72 hours to ensure they are safe to be returned to our school library on the following Monday. We will not be changing books on other days so children will only need their book bag on Mondays and Thursdays. 


Jumpers, Cardigans and Water Bottles

Please remember to clearly label all jumpers and cardigans and ensure your child brings a water bottle to school each day.



Children receive a fruit snack in the morning break and in the afternoon, we provide a variety of healthy snacks throughout the week and a treat on Friday.


If you have chosen not to participate in the snack scheme and wish to provide a snack instead please ensure that it is a healthy food choice such as fruit or a cereal bar. 



Homework this half term will be spellings to be practiced and learnt at home.


This half term, P.E. sessions will take place each Wednesday.  Children are asked to come into school wearing their P.E. clothes with a school jumper or cardigan and appropriate footwear.


If you have any queries or concerns, please feel free to come and speak to me.


Thank you for all your support,


Miss Stevenson

St Patricks St Maries