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Harry Potter Book Day


During today's English lesson, we went on a journey with Luna Lovegood to explore how J. K Rowling creates depth within her stories. Through reading short extracts from her novels, we were able to analyse her use of description to help bring a setting alive.


Using this as our stimulus, we let our imaginations run wild and produced our own magical settings. We LOVED having the 'no-limits' option because this enabled us to be free writers. Creatively, we drew our magical settings because artwork enabled us to capture a vivid image of what we wanted to describe. Cleverly, we chose our seating choice today.


As writers, we recognised that sitting at a table isn't always the comfiest choice. Some of us chose to write on a beanbag in the reading corner, whilst others spread out across the carpet. It was a very different way of working but it helped us to focus and be ourselves. 


A message from a proud Mrs G... 

"It was lovely to see Year 6 enjoy creative writing. Moving into a comfy space enabled the children to enter their own 'focus zone' and this truly enabled them to shine. Word Hippo was used to enhance their choice of language and it was lovely to see them help each other with sentence structure. This was a magical lesson to watch ... and when the class requested extra English in the afternoon, I knew we'd hit the jackpot! A great effort, 6S! You amaze me every day."


To take away ... 

Teddy and Callen have requested a Harry Potter Book Club ... watch this space. :)



Harry Potter: Setting descriptions and writing where we felt comfiest!


Persuasive Writing

6S have produced some fantastic pieces of persuasive writing based on the book, Pig Heart Boy. 


The Editing Process

The class have learned that 'editing' is an integral part of the writing process, which helps to develop us as independent writers. Mrs G created 'editing stations' so that the children could focus on one specific objective. Their favourite part was using their reading lights to spot any misspelled words. 


Editing is FUN!

St Patricks St Maries