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Star of the Week

13.3.20- Daisy and Blake 


Daisy is our Star of the Week for being such a good friend. Daisy has helped to make Blake feel very welcome and always includes other children in her games. Daisy always sets a good example on the playground. 

What a star, Daisy! 


Blake is also our Star of the Week for being so sensible on his first week at St Patrick's. We hope you are enjoying being with us


6.3.20- Leah 


Leah is our star this week for working incredibly hard across all areas of the curriculum. Leah has shown great progress in writing and has produced some wonderful comparative pieces linked to our text in English.


Well done, Leah!



14.2.20- 4G!


This week, Mrs Garlick decided to give everyone a sticker of success, giving each child a personal reason as to how they have progressed this term.


Mrs Garlick couldn't have a more harder working class! 


31.1.20- Finlay


Finlay is our 'Star of the Week' for being a supportive member of 4G. Finlay is always eager to help his friends and involve himself in whole class and group discussions. He is an incredibly determined member of the class and shows enthusiasm throughout everything that he does. Finlay played a great role in our class assembly and performed with confidence... and volume! 


Well done, Finlay, we are really proud of you!


24.1.20- Ellie B


Ellie is our 'Star of the Week' for showing fantastic progress across the curriculum. Ellie has recorded some fabulous poems about Volcanoes and has a real talent when it comes to using rhyming couplets. Ellie has also shown heaps of enthusiam throughout our assembly rehearsals. 


Keep up the fabulous work, Ellie! 



17.1.20- Annamaria


Annamaria is our 'Star of the Week' for doing an excellent job of learning her lines and speaking with expression and volume during our assembly rehearsals. Annamaria is working so hard in Year 4 and is achieving so much. 


Well done for your continued hard work, Annamaria! 



10.1.20- Gabriel


Gabriel is our 'Star of the Week' for showing heaps of confidence in our assembly rehearsals. Gabriel always sets a wonderful example to other children in school and puts his all into everything that he does. What a great start to the New Year! 


Keep it up, Gabriel! 


13.12.19- Lewis M 


Lewis is our 'Star of the Week' for displaying sensible behaviour throughout school. Lewis has been really helpful this week and many teachers have commented on his lovely manners.


Well done, Lewis! 


6.12.19- Poppy


Poppy is our 'Star of the Week' for producing an amazing mosaic. Poppy carefully selected her colour choice and amazed the class with her attention to detail. What a talented artist you are, Poppy! 


Keep it up! 



29.11.19- Richard


Richard is our 'Star of the Week' for being such a terrific writer. This week, Richard has created a marvellous information text about The Romans. His work was presented beautifully, with a range of interesting vocabulary and consistent punctuation. 


Well done, Richard! 



22.11.19- Hattie 


Hattie is our 'Star of the Week' for showing such positivity throughout the school day. Hattie has worked really hard in all subjects, particularly Maths. We are all really proud of her for achieving the Road Safety award. 


Keep it up, Hattie! 


15.11.19- Ethan


Ethan is our 'Star of the Week' for showing excellent progress with his writing. Ethan produced a fantastic recount about our school trip and presented it beautifully in a cursive style. 


Well done, Ethan! 


8.11.19- Grace 


Grace is our 'Star of the Week' for excellent work in Maths. Grace confidently answered her times table questions and scored full marks. 


A super effort, Grace!


25.10.19- Jack E 


Jack is our 'Star if the Week' for always putting 100% into everything he does. Jack is always organised and ready at the beginning of every lesson. He has also shown excellent skills throughout our Tennis lessons. 


Keep it up, Jack! 


19.10.19- Year 4G


What a fantastic week we have had in Year 4. Mrs Garlick awarded 'Star of the Week' to everyone for being simply amazing. The children completed their dance routine to 'Pompeii' in P.E. and performed it with confidence and heaps of effort. What a fantastic bunch of hardworking children 4G are!



11.10.19- Thomas 


Thomas is our 'Star of the Week' for writing such a fantastic story with a historical setting. His story was beautifully presented and included plenty of description and direct speech. 


Well done, Thomas! 



4.10.19- Isobel


Isobel is our ‘Star of the Week’ for always working hard and involving herself in whole class and group discussions.  Isobel has been a superstar in Maths this week and has displayed excellent problem-solving strategies.


Well done, Isobel! 



27.9.19- Jack S 


Jack is our ‘Star of the Week’ for his hard work throughout all areas of the curriculum. He has displayed excellent arithmetic problem solving skills in Maths and never gives up! His work is always beautifully presented, and he has been setting good example to others during carpet time.


Keep up the fabulous work, Jack! 😊



23.9.19- Ellie F and Elliot


This week we had two ‘Stars of the Week’ because Mrs Garlick was so proud of their work.


Ellie always sets a fantastic example throughout the school day. She has been working so hard in all subjects and produced a wonderful diary entry with beautiful handwriting.


Elliot has been a star this week in our English lessons. He has confidently contributed during whole class discussions and produced an amazing diary entry. Mrs Garlick couldn't believe how much writing Elliot produced in one lesson.


A fantastic effort this week, Ellie and Elliot, keep it up! smiley



13.9.19- Millie 


Millie is our Star of the Week for being such a superstar writer. Millie has shown beautiful handwriting this week and recorded an excellent prediction for our story 'Escape from Pompeii'. Mrs Garlick was also impressed with Millie’s positive attitude towards P.E. and her excellent skills in Tennis.


Great job, Millie!  smiley



6.9.19- Lewis H


Lewis is our Star of the Week this week because he has set such a fantastic example to the younger children in school. Lewis has worked hard in all lessons  and has been such a fantastic help, taking on the responsibility of setting up the playtime equipment.


Well done, Lewis! smiley


St Patricks St Maries