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Autumn Term Topic

The Incredible Ancient Egyptians and Manchester University Museum

Throughout the Autumn Term, we were learnt about the Incredible Ancient Egyptians. We were transported back in time and we learnt lots of new and exciting facts about the Egyptian Gods and their temples and the Pharaohs and Pyramids.
We found out how writing was used and taught in Ancient Egypt through Hieroglyphics and we produced a portrait of an Egyptian Pharaoh and decorated our Art work with Hieroglyphics.
We discovered that Egypt is 90% desert and yet managed to support a thriving population surviving thousands of years – all because of one thing the River Nile. We learnt how the river and the banks of the Nile supported the Egyptian farmers throughout the year and during the different seasons in the Egyptian calendar.
Go back in time with us and look at our fantastic pictures!
Can you spot how many times you can see our class pet Oscar in the pictures!

St Patricks St Maries