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A good vocabulary (knowing and understanding words) is really important for children when they are learning to talk; it has an impact in lots of different ways. It is an important building block for helping children to talk in sentences but it’s also really useful for learning to read. In fact, research tells us that it affects a child’s school performance – a child’s vocabulary when they are five years old can tell us how well they do at school at 11. So, helping children to develop a good vocabulary is vital. Knowing and using lots of different words is also really important when children are learning to read and write. They need words to be able to understand what they read. It helps them to be able to write in a more interesting way, and to explain themselves to other people.


Word of the Week:

13.09.21: Precious - of great value. Something that is viewed as very important and special. Links with our Come and See Topic. 

20.09.21: Hibernate - of an animal or plant to spend the winter in a dormant state. Links with our learning about Autumn. 

27.09.21: Author - a writer of a book, article or document. As a verb, author is a more distinguished term for write. An author is a professional writer who has published and sold their work. Links with Literacy. 

04.10.21: Numeral - a numeral is a symbol or name that stands for a number. Examples are 3, 49 and 12. Links with Mathematics.

11.10.21: Phoneme - is the smallest unit of sound. Phonemes can be put together to make  words. Links with Literacy. 

18.10.21: Subitising - the ability to recognise the number of objects in a small group of up to 5 without the need to count them. Links with Mathematics. 

03.11.21: Plot - a plan which is made in secret by a group of people to do something harmful or illegal. Links with our learning about Bonfire Night. 


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