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Reception S/P


We have great fun in Reception and there are lots of different activities to help us with our learning. Our day begins with Early Doors at 8.45am: children are welcome to arrive anytime between 8.45am and 8.55am. Then we are ready to learn our Letters and Sounds. Each day we learn a new letter or sound. After this we have some time to choose our own activities or we work with an adult. At this time we also set up our outdoor area activities so that we can play inside or out, hail, rain or snow! Before playtime we sit down for snack and milk. We have a healthy snack each day except on Friday's when we have a treat.

After playtime we take part in Maths activities, which can involve counting, singing, shape games, ICT, water play, sand play and lots of measuring. We like to learn through fun, practical games and activities. Lunchtime starts at 11.45am. For the Autumn term we go into the hall fifteen minutes before the other children so we can get settled. Most of us have hot dinners and some children bring in a packed lunch.

At 1pm we go back into class for the afternoon session. Each day we do different things. Sometimes it's linked to our Come and See topic, sometimes it's Show and Tell, Music or Personal, Social and Emotional Development (Circle Time Games). We have a piece of fruit each afternoon as part of the free fruit scheme Healthy Schools Government initiative.

Each day we take part in Collective Worship and enjoy learning about Jesus through our Come and See topic. We say prayers in the morning, before and after lunch and before hometime.

Before hometime, we like to finish our day with a story or a song and then we are ready to go home at 3.20pm.

May 2021 - Our Sports Day for Reception was lots of fun! The children enjoyed learning all about The Olympics before making their own olympic torches to use in their own mini olympics. The children practised developing their skills in catching, throwing, running and jumping before participating in their sports day races. Lots of fun was had by all the children on a warm and sunny day which ended with them receiving a certificate and an ice lolly. Pictures are on the PE page under Curriculum subjects. 

March 2021 - Return to School

We can't wait to have all the children in RSP return to school on the 8th March. Our PE day will remain on a Thursday as it was before Christmas. We also have some (very small) furry new additions to the class which we can't wait for your children to see!

Reception Curriculum Overview 2021

Phonics and Reading Books


We have been playing lots of phonics games in class and listening out for sounds around our environment. We have been hearing and saying the initial sounds in words and finding objects beginning with these sounds. We are also enjoying lots of different stories each day. Over the coming weeks we will be beginning our phonics programme. The children will be taking part in a structured phonics lesson each morning and we will let you know how you can continue this learning and support your child at home. We will start sending reading books home after the October half term. 


How to support your child with reading at home

  • Look at the front cover together. Talk about the pictures and what they think the book is about.
  • Practise saying each letter sound (phoneme) and then blend the sounds together to read the word e.g. c-a-t cat.
  • Some words are tricky words and can not be sounded out. These need to be learned. Practise saying these words together – the, to, no, go, I.
  • If your child can not yet recognise the letter sounds independently support them in saying the sound.
  • Talk about the story and the characters as you progress through the book.
  • Please write a short comment in the reading record after reading with your child at home.

A visit from the Police

Christmas Party - December 2020

We all had a wonderful time celebrating our Christmas party this week. We danced to our favourite Christmas songs, played games and had some tasty snacks. We are so proud with how well the children have settled into school during this first term and are so impressed with how hard they are working. They are all definitely due a well-earned rest over the Christmas holidays.

Maths through Art - November 2020

As part of our maths work this week we practised drawing a house from basic shapes: circle, triangle, rectangle and square. We drew our first attempt on whiteboards so we could easily rub out any mistakes and amend our ideas. We called this our 'preparatory work'. In the afternoon we then worked hard to copy our ideas on to paper using pencil.

#HELLOYELLOW - October 2020

We had a wonderful time celebrating World Mental Health Day in school. We talked about our feelings and emotions and how every feeling or emotion is important and valid. We also shared different situations when we may feel happy, sad, cross, excited, scared or worried and we reassured the children that they can always talk to a grown up if whatever they are feeling inside makes them feel uncomfortable. We then discussed how we can identify how someone is feeling from their facial expression and we practised showing different emotions on our faces. The children each made a feeling face biscuit which we enjoyed at snack time and we painted some bees for our #HelloYellow class display.

Name Writing - September 2020

This week we have been practising writing our names when we come into class each morning. The children are working really hard on this and many of them have already made huge progress in just a few days! Well done, everyone! We are very proud of all of you!

Settling In! - September 2020

The children have had a wonderful first week at school and we are so proud of how well they have adapted to school life! We have worked hard on our listening skills and getting used to our classroom routines including registration, lining up in the playground and snack time. We have of course found time to make lots of new friends too. 

St Patricks St Maries