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World Maths Day 2024


On Friday 22nd March, we celebrated World Maths Day with our school theme being: 'Maths is Everywhere'.


We started our morning with some fun mathematical brain teasers and then explored the uses of maths in the world. Following on from this, we had the opportunity to create our own games, which needed to include a mathematical point system. 


Take a look at us in action!


Maths in 6S is FUN!


6S love to work practically and feel they retain subject knowledge much better when lessons involve physical activity, singing or games. With this in mind, Mrs G allowed 6S to explore factors and common factors with board pens, multilink, our tables and teamwork. 


The lesson intention was to understand a systematic approach to finding factors, as well as to be able to identify the highest common factor amongst a factor pair. 


Key Vocabulary: systematic, factor, factor pair, common, highest common factor, lowest common factor. 


Lesson quotes:

"Mrs G, I really understand what a factor is."


"Miss, I'll never forget what a factor is now!" 


It's really important that all children have the opportunity to learn in a way that helps them retain and embed key knowledge. 6S is a 'listening' class, so we will continue to work in different ways to help each other. 


We really did have the best Thursday Maths lesson! smiley



Factors are FUN! (All tables were thoroughly cleaned by the 6s team!)

St Patricks St Maries