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Year 5B

Year 5 have been having a really exciting time, this term we have been learning all about the Tudors. Last week we had a very special visitor, we could hardly believe our eyes when who should appear in our classroom but Henry VIII. We had to be on our very best behaviour because he was very stern and regal.
To celebrate his visit we had a royal banquet and lots of Tudor dancing. We loved our Tudor day and will remember it for a very long time.


Vive La France
Every Junior class is taught French weekly by Mme Hill from Greenbank High School. She recently organised a cultural afternoon for our children and brought along some of her students to help our children to understand more about France and its language. The following report is written by one of the children who took part in the afternoon.


A few weeks ago some pupils from Greenbank High School came to our school to teach us more about France and the French culture. We were split into three groups and allocated three Greenbank students to work with us on different activities. My group had food tasting first. the girls taught us the names of some French food, and then someone stood at the front whilst someone else fed them, they had to try and guess what the food was. The girls passed around some French cheese, pain au chocolat and a baguette. The next activity was role play, first we had some French conversations and then we dressed up in French costumes and did some role play with our partner.In the third group we learned some facts about Disneyland Paris and the Eiffel Tower. Then we made small paper Eiffel towers and decorated them. We had a brilliant afternoon!

Lets make music!
Every Friday morning Mr Fogg comes in to teach us how to play brass instruments. We really look forward to our weekly lesson. Mr Fogg is friendly and makes learning to play the trumpet and barritone real fun! We are begining to read music and can play lots of tunes!


St Patricks St Maries