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Animals Take Over Visit

Animals Take Over Visit     

On Monday, 18th March 2013, we took an exciting journey into the rainforest when the animals took over our classroom. We explored our way through the different layers of the Rainforest, from the dark forest floor to the dizzying heights of the canopy.

We discovered how a variety of creatures have adapted to survive the harsh humid conditions and why it is so important that we help to protect and conserve these amazing areas of the world.
The fantastic workshop was packed full of Rainforest animals and it helped the children to build their knowledge and understanding of the world.

It gave the students the opportunity to get up close to animals they would not usually see, with many opportunities to touch and hold the animals whilst learning all about them.
Lyndsay was very kind and brought with her:

Giant African Snails
Tree Frogs
Giant African Millipedes
Stick Insects
and a little cute Sugar Glider
We had an exctiting and amazing morning with Lyndsay and the animals that took over our classroom.

Have a look below at our fantastic pictures of our wonderful day!

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