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Hello Yellow


On Friday 9th October, we celebrated Hello Yellow day with the rest of the school. It was so lovely to see the children wear a symbol of yellow and it really helped to brighten up the day.


The children in 4G focused on a 'positive mind' and spreading kindness. They created a wonderful kindness paper chain and some superhero versions of themselves. The children were great at thinking of powerful words to describe themselves and their friends. 


Keeping a positive mind in 4G!


We understand that it is important to take a break and keep a positive mind. Sometimes we have worries that get in the way but 4G have their 'Worry Monster' to help manage their feelings. In addition, they also have a 'compliment box'. The children sneak positive compliments into the box throughout the week and Mrs Garlick randomly selects 5 to read out loud on a Friday afternoon. It is so lovely to see the children beam with happiness when someone has recorded a lovely message about them. 



Hello Yellow Day - 9.10.20

St Patricks St Maries