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Animals Including Humans 


We have been learning all about the Digestive System and Teeth. The children have produced excellent posters related to the importance of keeping teeth healthy. As a class, we have set up an investigation to see which drinks have the least amount of impact on our teeth. 


For the 'eggsperiment' we used:

  • Boiled eggs (the shell acts as the enamel on our teeth)
  • Coke, Water, Orange Juice and Milk 

We sealed each egg with the liquid in glass jars, although the milk doesn't smell too delightful!


Each day, the children have updated their observation diaries and have been fascinated by the outcomes. I wonder how many children will now choose to drink water over coke? 


Keep a look out, we will post the final results! 

Animals Include Humans

States of Matter


The children have enjoyed investigating solids, liquids and gases. Take a look at the photographs of us investigating whether gas has a weight. 

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