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Hello and a very BIG welcome to Year 3G's homepage

Hello and welcome to the Summer Term, I hope you all had a happy Easter and enjoyed a well deserved rest.  This term, the children will be participating in swimming lessons as part of the P.E Curriculum at Tarleton High School Swimming Baths.

The children will be asked to bring a swimming kit which includes; a swimming costume or swimming trunks (no baggy shorts), swimming hat, towel and goggles if required. Please keep an eye on the school newsletter for our start date.


This Summer Term, we will continue learning all about our locality and coastlines and comparing it London.

During our topic we will explore the beginnings of Southport as well as exploring the coastline of Southport. We will create a wonderful variety of architectural drawings as well as collages based on the Sea Theme.


The children will also learn about the London 2012 Olympic Games and they will make links to their current Science topic of ‘Healthy Me’ and design and create their own ‘Smoothie’ as part of our D&T topic. This also allows us to get into the sporting and competitive mind set with our upcoming Sports Day and National Sports Week.


Keep checking our class page for up to date pictures


General Information


Reading books



Children will be given an opportunity to change their reading books once they have completed their book and it has been signed. The children will place their books in the basket provided and their book will be changed on the same day (when possible). 

During and after completion of the book, please spend time discussing the plot, characters, layout, new knowledge gained etc., as analysis of the text becomes increasingly important in the Juniors. I do ask that the children bring their books into school on a daily basis as this will enable me to write a comment in their Reading Diary when they have read in a small group or individually to me or another adult.




All homework will be given on Monday night and will be collected in on the following Monday.


All homework should be done neatly and in pencil. Help may be given, but your child must record the work themselves. If you have supported your child with their homework, I would appreciate it if you could star * each question you have helped them with.

A homework page will be provided on our class web page and the homework will be placed in the folder on the Monday for the children to complete.




P.E lessons will take place on Mondays and Thursdays. Your child is required to have their full P.E kit in class during term time and they will be sent home during half term for washing 


Many thanks for your co-operation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Mrs. Ginty



St Patricks St Maries