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When we looked outside our classroom, we saw that there were lots of weeds in our garden so we decided to dig them up as part of our ECO studies.


As part of our Spring Topic on the 'Rainforest', we found 5 tiny caterpillars and watched them transform into beautiful butterflies. They took 2 weeks to spin into their cocoons and the we waited a further 2 week for them to hatch.
When they had hatched, we looked after them by feeding them sugar and water and a selection a fruit and we also decorated their habitat by putting flowers and leaves in. Just before we broke up for half term, we released them into the wild.


As part of our ECO Studies, we went on a class trip to the Southport ECO Centre on Tuesday 12th June 2012. It was a fantastic day out as we went on the public bus and we learnt lots of new and exciting facts about our locality and environment.
Have a look at our pictures below to see what we got up to!


St Patricks St Maries