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First Holy Communion celebrations

Self-discipline - Building Bridges


The Good Shepherd


We read the story  The Good Shepherd based on Luke 15:3-6,7In a reflection situation, we imagined ourselves as a lost sheep.  When we hear Jesus calling us; we come out from a hiding place where we have gone because we know we have done wrong.  Like the lost sheep, we allow themselves to be led home. 


The Sacrament of Reconciliation brings us back to God, who forgives us and absolves us from our sins.  God’s mercy and love is like the tenderness shown in the story.  We can be sure God loves us.


We talked about the different feeling associated with being lost and found and described how God is like the Good Shepherd. 


Feelings associated with being lost and found.

Family - People

We have asked and responded to questions about our own, and others' experiences and feelings about tracking back family trees. We then linked this to Jesus' family tree and focused on being able to retell some stories from scripture about Jesus' family. We looked at some of the different people in the stories and described some of the ways in which they lived out their lives. 


St Patricks St Maries