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Summer Term Creative Learning

This term, we will be studying Water (Geography focused unit). Within this centre of learning, children will begin to realise the importance of location in understanding water distribution and recognise how the presence or absence of water can change the character of places. 

We will focus on the issue of wasting water and what happens once it has been used. This concept will be reinforced through a home activity link whereby children will be asked to keep a record of water usage at home on a daily basis for one week. They will be producing posters to encourage others to save water.

We will learn about the stages of the water cycle, the world's most famous rivers and the importance of clean water and plentiful supply. Children will have the opportunity to make a water filter and study the causes of water pollution.

We will enhance our study of Water through Literacy, reading and discussing stories that raise issues e.g. conservation of wildlife, pollution and drought. Our artist study will feature Monet and his most famous painting, 'Waterlillies'

We will complete the topic through contemporary dance and choreograph our own version of Swan Lake!

The creative overview below shows you how Art, D.T. Geography, ICT and Music link when teaching the theme. 
St Patricks St Maries