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I hope you all had a lovely Whit break, the weather has been glorious.  


General Information



During the Summer Term, P.E. sessions will take place each Friday. Please ensure a full P.E. kit is worn to school on this day, along with a jumper/cardigan. 



Children are invited to bring their own snacks to school for morning and afternoon breaks. Snacks should be a healthy food choice such as fruit or a cereal bar. Chocolate bars and crisps are not considered to be healthy snacks.


Contact details

If you have updated your phone/recently moved, please inform the school office as soon as possible.


Medical Conditions

If your child has a medical condition that staff need to know about, please inform school as soon as possible. If your child requires an inhaler, or any other medicine, please make sure it has been returned to school, and is not out of date.




Every Monday, your child will bring one reading book home. This book will be wiped down before being put into your child's book bag. This reading book must be kept at home and returned back to school on Thursday. This gives some time for your child to read with you and ideally finish their book. Returned books will go into quarantine for 72 hours to ensure they are safe to be placed back into our school library on the following Monday. We will not be changing books on any other days during the week so your child will only need to bring their bag to school on Mondays and Thursdays. Your child will also bring a Reading Record book home. This may be returned to school on Mondays and Thursdays to communicate about your child's reading at home. In the current situation, this Reading Record is only for use at home. Your child will continue to read from separate reading books whilst in school.


Online books are also available for children to read via Oxford Owl. On here you will find a range of different books.


Oxford Owl Link:


username: year3mrsneesam 

password: 3N2020


Jumpers, Cardigans and Water Bottles

Please remember to clearly label all jumpers and cardigans so we can return them to the correct owner at the end of each school day. Please ensure your child brings a water bottle to school each day. Your child's bottle should contain only water.




Homework will be set online every Monday from 4.30pm. The children will have a week to complete their set task. Your child's login details can be found inside their Reading Record book. Please keep a note of these at home. 

Our class page will be regularly updated. Please enjoy browsing the gallery of photographs which will shortly follow. Thank you for your support, it is greatly appreciated, especially during these unusual times.


Mrs Neesam






We have thoroughly enjoyed the final week of the term celebrating our wonderful world together. We created story boards based on God's creation and learned a new song with fun actions. During the afternoon, we worked in groups outside, creating sculptures using natural materials around us. Andy Goldsworthy, a British Sculptor has inspired us greatly and we created some exciting pieces of art.


We had great fun with the parachute in a PE lesson and learned the 'Jerusalema' dance on the playground in the sunshine. Shape poetry was a key focus in English and we planned a picnic lunch in Maths. We were very keen to learn about endangered animals in the Amazon Rainforest and after researching, we enjoyed producing fact files on the computer. It was fascinating to find out about the Ancient Wonders of the World and we completed a jigsaw and labelled the new Wonders. Many of us would love to visit the Taj Mahal in India and Christ the Redemeer in Rio de Janeiro.


Our planet is truly amazing and special. Together we can care for it and marvel at its greatness. 



St Patrick's Church is a special place

Anti-Bullying Week- Odd Socks

We have enjoyed being superheroes this week and showing everyone what it means to be a good friend to others. We wrote friendship recipes, powerful and motivational speeches to prevent bullying and wore odd socks on Friday to celebrate difference. 

We started our week of remembering and honouring all those who fought  in war to keep our country safe by reading and discussing the poem, 'Flanders Field' by John McCrae. We have enjoyed writing our own acrostic poems, making poppies and producing a piece of silhouette art, we wear our poppies with pride.


We had a wonderful day supporting World Mental Health Day on Friday 9th October. Yellow socks, badges and ribbons brightened our classroom and we enjoyed lots of activities based on promoting positive health and well-being. We each wrote a letter to someone special in our lives and expressed how much we care for them. Also, we wrote positive affirmations about each member of our class and shared them at the end of the day. It was lovely to see so many smiles.


Taking time to be creative, quiet and focused helps our minds to feel and stay well, especially during more challenging times. Well done everyone!

Collective Worship

We reflected on the recent theme, 'Belonging' and shared the story of Jesus' baptism. We let our light shine brightly by being kind and gentle. We respond to the Word thoughtfully in our positive actions and words. How do you try to live like a child of the light?

An amazing surprise!

We were stunned this week when we learned that Austin had received a letter. This wasn't any ordinary letter, it was from Andy Shepherd, the author of 'The Boy Who Grew Dragons'

We have been reading her book over the past month and have enjoyed writing diary entries and descriptions. Austin had a great idea for Andy's next book involving the character Lolli and growing unicorns,  Andy loved this idea!

Thank you Andy for responding and well done Austin, you have both made our week so special.

Hockey Lessons outside in the sunshine!

History- Learning to order events chronologically

St Patricks St Maries