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Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs



On Monday 20th - Friday 24th November, we celebrated the Jewish faith so that  our pupils could learn more about how their Jewish sisters and brothers live and what they believe.


Pupils have embraced the following aspects of the Jewish faith:


Year 1: Learning about Abraham and Moses

Year 2: Families gathering in prayer for Shabbat

Year 3: The importance of the synagogue

Year 4: The importance of the Torah

Year 5: Festival of Pesach (a time for remembering how much God cares for His people)

Year 6: Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah and Sukkah (Belonging and Values)


In the Summer Term, our Reception pupils will be introduced to special days and ritual objects and they will have the opportunity to learn about Hannukah, the festival of lights.

St Patricks St Maries